Gross Question

Hello- for those of you who have females, do you ever have to clean their bits? Our vet has recommended that every once in a while, we "help" keep our little girl clean. Does anyone else have this issue? It's totally gross, I know. But if we let it go, she gets reddish/brown gunk that cakes up around her bits- which is even more disgusting. Just wanted to know if there were others out there- is this a malformation? 😞

Every basenji I have ever had was able to keep themselves clean.
Did she come from a place where the crates/kennels were not clean?

I never had this issue with my german shepherd mix (I had her for about 12 years) nor Zoey–but I've only had Zoey for a few months now.

I've noticed with Jazzy after her heat cycles that she sometimes had a bit of dry "build-up" around her self deep in the creases where I imagine it was hard to reach. I just made sure to rinse the area well when I bathed her.

I haven't noticed it since she was spayed so much.

Is she still intact?
Or has she been spayed?

She's spayed and very petite. And she only gets this in the deep creases.

Both Sugar and Dimisi are fastidious cleaners of their private parts. Every once in a while-Shadow doesn't really like cleaning himself-I put a little corn syrup(I'm talking about a dabbing of it) around his private area to facilitate himself cleaning himself.

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