• my basenji often falls asleep holding onto her 'lady part' ! Hmm
    I have had her to the vet to check there is no infection - none.
    I have smothered it in vaseline in case it was irritating - she just licked it off.
    It doesnt seem to be seasonal.
    Is it a habit? Do other dogs do it?
    Or could it be symptomatic of something more serious?

  • Is she 'built properly' there? Just a thought. I know someone who has a dog who (okay, getting graphic here) has one of her inner lips protruding slightly outside, and she (the dog) is extremely aware of it. It is especially bothersome to her when she is around male dogs who sniff her there.

  • yes, looks normal to me 🙂

  • I know you can't know if she was weaned too early, but I have seen other dogs "comfort suckle" their toes or the ear tips of another dog. Does she make nursing motions with her mouth and tongue when falling asleep?

    We had an orphan calf (years ago) that would seek out the first 2 fingers on any available hand to calm/comfort himself. He did this well into adult hood.

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