• Hi, all 🙂

    I just had a quick question about my Daisy's tail.

    We found her roaming the streets alone, when she was about 8 weeks old. I had no idea of her brred, until the vet mentioned it. My question is about her tail. She doesn't have the very tight curled tail I've seen in most other Basenjis. Her is more of a …half-moon shape. Is this naturally occuring in other basenjis, or should I conclude that she is mixed?

    Thanks all! 🙂


  • Not necessarily. Some purebred basenjis have loosely curled tails. Do you have pictures of her?

  • Hi again,

    Here's the little mini-collage I have of her. The tail pic is as good as I could get of her today. She was far more interested in what I was doing, to stand still for a pic! I had to get that one while she was preoccupied 🙂 That's about as much as her tail curls, but it's usually raised higher, if that makes any sense?

  • I would say definitley a basenji mix…but not likely full basenji. How big is she?

  • She's about….18" at the shoulder, maybe a little less - she was way too wiggly, lol, and at her last weigh-in a couple weeks ago, 23 lbs. I think she's about 9 months old or so. I kinda figured she was a mix 🙂 Doesn't matter all that much really, i love her to death. Never met a dog with such a cool personality. Or one that has figured out that she can climb a tarp and get up on the roof, for thast matter. The tarp has since been removed, heh. I was just mostly curious, since she looked so much like the pics I saw, minus the tail!

  • Well…she's the right size. Something about her hair coat doesn't look right for Basenji....but her face looks VERY much like a B. And it sounds like she behaves like a B! Welcome to the forum 🙂

  • If i had to guess on a mix i would say a yellow lab.

  • She's so cute! I like how her ears droop a little…

  • LOL.:D You must have been a beautiful baby…with beeautifooull eyes and a curly tail!:)
    BaMicas Mom

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