• I just got Medjai back and he has been neutered. I was wondering if he is still supposed to have his testicles. I thought they are removed, but his are still there. Medjai has an incision, plus one for his umbilical hernia repair, so I know they did something.

    I did call them, and am awaiting a return phone call.

    I also was wondering how bad licking is. I know they are not supposed to lick, but you know them, they will find a way if they really want to, and I will not be able to watch him 24/7.

  • His scrotum will still be intact for awhile, until the skin shrinks down, but there should be nothing that feels like a testicle in there. The scrotum should feel totally empty. There will be some swelling for a little while too…

  • Sometimes it appears as if the testicals are still there after a neuter because of the fluid that fills up the scrotal sack. This should go down with time. There should not actually be any testicals left in the scrotum.

  • If you can not keep him from doing more than the occassional lick then you need to a no lick collar. Either one like Pat made for Kristii or the an E-collar that they sell from the vet. Anything more than the occassional lick will cause increased swelling and irritation and create complications in healing.

  • Just checked. You guys are right, there are no testicles in there. Sorry about the confusion.

  • Before I go to an e-collar, I usually dab a tiny bit of Bitter Apple around the area of the incisions. NOT on it, because that will sting like crazy…but close enought that if they start to try to lick the smell of the Bitter Apple will discourage them from trying. Knocking on wood, I have not had to use an e-collar yet with my Bs after surgery.

  • I would try the bitter apple or even better is Tea Tree Oil (around the incisions not on)… or make a homemade "collar" so he can't lick instead of buying one....

  • I will keep those in mind, but at least for now, he just sleeps on my bed when I'm sitting in my room. When it was cooler, he was more active, but now he just gets up when I stand up, and in the evening to run around, so I don't have too much to have to watch him closely, just make sure he doesn't run too much for 2 weeks.

  • Tea tree oil is great, it smells so strong that mine won't get their faces near it!
    Anne in Tampa

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