Alien Baby

So I was looking at a picture of Indi when he was 10 weeks old the first day we had him, and I noticed…he kind of looks like a gremlin with the huge ears and tiny body. Has anyone else noticed that their pup looked like an alien baby around that time? Pictures hopefully attached


Those were some big ears, adorable pictures! I guess its like the head on a human baby, WAY out of porportion when born (1/3 of body) but it all evens out in the end 🙂

That's a great picture. They do look weird especially when they sit goofy like in the first picture - my 5 yr old still sometimes gets in that position.

What big ears and expressive eyes! He was (and still is) a pretty boy.


I agree, Zahra had big ears when we got her and looking back at those photos now 2 1/2 years later makes me smile. She was so cute though!

Indi has turned into a very handsome fellow! I love the baby picture too.

When Jack was about that age I brought him home and took a picture to send to DH who was out on tour. He showed it to a few friends and then called me, I could hear the entire busload of roadies laughing their heads off! Huge ear, Huge head, little body. Yeah- alien baby about captures it.

Agreed! I look at baby pics of Dallas & just smile so big because he looked so darn cute but so funny at the same time! Haha.

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