• Hello everyone. This is my first post. We have an almost 2 year old female B. My wife is six months pregnant so in three months we ll have our first baby in the house. Any experiences or thoughts on how to cope with this situation?

    Thanks a lot,

    Federico. Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • I never saw this post. It's too bad nobody has answered. Perhaps more will see it now. I have no direct experience with a newborn in the house, but my Basenjis were always good with young kids. A lot depends on the dog's temperament. Others may have some good suggestions on how to handle introductions. Certainly you never want to leave any dog unsupervised with a young child.

  • No idea what the heck is going on either because I check every.. okay ALMOST every day, no posts. Hope they check back in, but profile shows only here the day posted.

  • welcome and i do hope we haven't lost our new friend. i think all new posters are moderated because of all the spam that has hit this board in the past. there's lots of good info on the internet about kids and dogs, but Dr Yin is one of the best:


  • I have an alpha female basenji and brought a newborn into our family. I was in the hospital for four days (my in laws stayed with dog and horse), when we came home, we had my Mom bring her new boyfriend. He was a great distraction, but also allowed me some alone time with Cricket. When they left, she noticed the baby in the bassinet and was a bit concerned.
    She adapted to the baby, but I don't leave them alone just in case. Cricket is not nearly as jealous as she was, now that he drops food for her at the table, but she did get a bit jealous for a few weeks.
    While I was pregnant, I was told that 'the test' was to play baby crying videos on YouTube. How the dog reacts will tell you how they will interact with the baby. Cricket beat the crap out of my phone when I tried… So not a great test! 🙂

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