My Poor Baby Gets Attacked!

  • We were at the park this afternoon minding our own business when we were attacked by this enormous dog that was not on a leash. He grabbed Abbey before I could pull her away and chewed her up. She has tooth marks on her right side and both front legs, the skin is broken but no major bleeding thank God. The idiot woman that owns the dog didn't even call him until he had already run at us then it was too late. All she said was Dakota, come here, then she PETTED him like she was giving him positive reinforcement for a job well done!! I grabbed Abbey up and carried her over to assess her injuries and when I looked up Idiot Woman and her monster dog were getting in the car. No apology or is she hurt or anything! We've had a leash law in my city for 30 years but apparently it doesn't apply to privileged people. I had to carry my precious little 22 lb. basenji girl 2 blocks home in my arms. I cleaned her wounds and called the vet and gave her lots of kisses and a yummy and now she's asleep on the sofa. I memorized the tag number of IW's BMW and next time I'll have my cell phone.

  • I can't believe that, an idiot to say the least. In my opinion I don't think you should wait until next time and call and report her now. You were lucky that you were able to interfere this time please don't wait for the next. Hope your liitle girl fully recovers both physically and emotionally.

  • You may want to check with animal control to see if you have enough information to file a report. You may not have enough information but if you do it would be worthwhile this way if it happens again the dog already has one report in the file so it will be a repeat offense. Also, animal control may be able to get the rabies certificate so you know if the dog has been vaccinated since skin was broken.

  • I too would also be calling in. Since you have her plate #, description of dog and her, and vet report this may be enough to press charges for med bills and charge with dog at large-maybe even carelessness.

  • I would call and report her, too–if only to help prevent this from happening again--to you and your baby or someone else and theirs. It sounds like she needs a wake up call to get her to properly handle her dog in public.

  • definately call and report the incident! Leash laws are in place for a reason. There may be other reports of this woman already on file too.

    I'm sorry to hear about Abbey, I hope she heals fast, and doesn't have any lasting trauma from the attack. (and you too!)

    by reporting this now you may save a life, what if "next time" is more serious? what if "next time" it's a child?

  • Ditto on reporting. I'm sorry to hear about Abbey's trauma. I hope she isn't harmed physically and emotionally too bad. Let us know how she's doing?

  • Lenora..I'm so sorry about Abbey. I really hope she's ok. I know exactly how you feel. We were attacked TWO off leash dogs as well. We reported it to the Vet and the to the police. Needless to say I haven't seen those dogs out off leash in quite a while (they live 1 block away from us).

    I really hope Abbey isn't traumatized by this terrible horrible attack!!

    It makes me so mad that people think leash laws don't apply to them :mad: and this has happened to us on more than one occassion!

    I think you should report it simply because the woman was not even apologetic & didn't both to ask how your dog was & offer reassurance that her dog was vaccinated & such. I think it's completely rude, inconsiderate, & down right irresponsible as a dog owner.

    Sending lots of hugs & kisses to ABBEY

  • It does sound like she knew she was in the wrong. While you're trying to get to your dog-she's fleeing the scene!!

    Hope Abbey's ok.

  • Thank you all for your kind words!! I did call the police to report the attack. Abbey seems okay this morning. She has 3 bites, the worst one on her right side between her ribs and flank, which bled a little bit. It's very touchy this morning. The other 2 are on her front legs, more like scrapes from his teeth but the skin is not broken. My beautiful B&W baby's missing chunks of fur where he grabbed her! This person was definitely in the wrong because my dog was on her leash walking with me and she was letting her dog wander the park unleashed. What's wrong with people like that?? We're going to skip the park today and walk over to the golf course to see the new baby ducks in the pond.

  • I would make sure you go back to the park though. You want to make sure you go back with her so that she doesn't associate the park with bad things.

  • Ugh…I hate that! Sometimes it is wise to carry a stick so you can defend your dog 😞

    I hope she feels better soon.

  • How awful. I hope the woman can be located and some action taken to prevent this from happening again. Glad to know your baby is going to be okay.

  • I do wish your little girl the best and I do agree with nomrbddgs that you should go back to the park so ur little one knows it is safe. Some pple are very irresponsible form not picking up after their dogs to levaing their dogs off a leash. I see some dogs of the leash at the park and always figure the owners know best but now I reconsider that thought and will be more careful.

  • @Quercus:

    Ugh…I hate that! Sometimes it is wise to carry a stick so you can defend your dog 😞

    I hope she feels better soon.

    I agree with Quercus. Use the stick on the dog and then go after the owner for being an idiot!
    I am by no means saying that it is ok to hit a dog w/ a stick but I will if my baby is being attacked. :mad: and the owner better not get in my way or else they will get wacked too :rolleyes:

  • Lenora….In mid-December, my Mike (female, proper name Micah, but she likes Mike better) and I had just crossed the street to begin our walk, when a neighbor's dog got out their door when the resident teens were unloading musical instruments. Neither Mike nor I heard or saw the dog, a female blue of a considerably larger breed coming at us. The dog hit me on the calf of my right leg and went at Mike with teeth bared. I went down on my tail bone--I was almost 69 at that time--on the blacktopped roadway, but I grabbed Mike up into my arms and started yelling for someone to come help me get up and get the dog. Finally the boys who let the dog out came unfrozen and one of them came and got the dog and one helped me up. I hurt like heck but it only took two chiropractic sessions to get me back on track....but Mike was a mess until about two weeks ago. From the time we resumed our walk, she became alpha dog and the protective sentinel guard, leading the way and swiveling her head from side to side to check out the terrain. She was hyper deluxe and psychotic as all get out. Wouldn't sleep and paced constantly. Also refused to let me sleep; just whined and cried and howled 24/7. Walks were done at race speeds. She refused to potty on the walks. I had to take her to the vet and put her on "puppy Prozac"--Clomicalm--at twice the dosage for her weight which just barely slowed her down, but gave me about three hours sleep before she started in again. I looked up panic disorder and found her reaction to the dog's coming at us was common and would take time to overcome. I found feeding advice for feeding brown rice and turkey or chicken which causes relaxation and sleepiness, but the main thing is that about one a.m. a couple of weeks ago, I had a heart-to-heart talk with her. I told her that I would never put her back in a pound, but if she didn't let me get some sleep and rest then I would probably fall or trip from fatique and hurt myself badly so, therefore, I would be forced to put her to sleep, put her down, and it would break my heart to not have her with me. She looked me in the eyes--something she had not done since the attack--and the panic was gone. She was back to the wonderful companion she had been since I had picked her up at the Humane Society in Phoenix. Our ordeal with the aftermath lasted from mid-December until mid-March. So if your Abbey is having problems, good patient and just talk to her. I know Mike understood what I said because the change was a miracle. She hasn't needed the "puppy Prozac" since the talk. She still is more alert on walks than she was before the incident, but not psychotic. As I said, good luck to you both....kansasgirl

  • Kansasgirl, you are so blessed not to have been hurt worse. What a traumatic experience for both of you! Maybe part of Mike's problem also is that she feels responsible for protecting you, and she wasn't able to do that. I think dogs are capable of understanding far more than we think. Abbey likes to sit in my lap sometimes and we have important talks about things that interest her, and this is the only time my little dynamo is ever still, because she is listening to me talk! She's healing well from her wounds, she's all scabs and scrapes and her fur hasn't grown back yet, but she doesn't want to go back to the park yet. I'm hoping that eventually she'll overcome her fear and want to go see her buddies at the park, Tiara the greyhound that has cancer, Scout the blue tick hound, and Sanchez the chocolate poodle. I'm having heart surgery tomorrow and my mother (Abbey's Nanny) is coming to stay with her a few days so she won't have to be boarded. I can't even imagine how traumatic that would have been. Thanks for your encouragement.

  • Good luck on your surgery!! Have a speedy, safe recovery!

  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Lenora. You're in my thoughts & prayers.

  • Good luck on your surgery Lenora. Please report back & let us know how it goes. Sending lots of positive vibes & prayers.

    When you're feeling better you will have to recondition Abbey to the park again. With lots of treats & positive talk & high praises for relaxing at the park. Make sure you treat with the good stuff like BACON 😃 😃 😃

    Kansasgirl-Your ordeal sounds awful. But I agree with you that after an attack they do sort of go on high alert mode. I'm still dealing with my dogs stress after our attack. I haven't had a "heart to heart" with them yet about calming down but we are working on some exercises on our walks to help them focus on me & trust me again. Altho I would try anything…looks like I'll be having a "talk" with the kids today 😃 😃 😃

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