Update on my baby Deezy

Hi guys! Diesels still sleeping in my bed..on my pillow..spooning :o
I love him, I've been taking him to the school near us so he can watch the kids play on the oval, he loves it, although if a kid comes too close he'll get scared and make a funny noise (he'd bark if he could:p) poor lad. 😉
He's still such a baby but hes so big people think he's older!

I've posted a picture of him as a baby for you all:D

(Sorry its so big D:)


He was so adorable as a pup..Thanks for sharing.

He is a love.

Rita Jean

Hi there, Im from Australia too….you have such a beautiful puppy there how old is he now and what breeder did you get him from? my boy is 11 weeks and your right they grow so fast that they do look older than they are

would love to see some more pics of him 🙂

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