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Hi guys! Diesels still sleeping in my bed..on my pillow..spooning :o
I love him, I've been taking him to the school near us so he can watch the kids play on the oval, he loves it, although if a kid comes too close he'll get scared and make a funny noise (he'd bark if he could:p) poor lad. 😉
He's still such a baby but hes so big people think he's older!

I've posted a picture of him as a baby for you all:D

(Sorry its so big D:)

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Yeah- we don't know what he is for sure, I just know theres Basenji in him 😛

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Hi guys.
I have my first Basenji x, his name is Diesel, I hope you don't mind Basenji x's on here. :p

He's 8 months and hes so gorgeous, hes a Basenji x Cattle Dog (but he looks nothing like a cattle dog, just what we were told ;)) and he's absoloutly stunning, everyone comments on how absoloutly handsom he is!
Photos to come 😉

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