• Hi Everyone
    My husband Lance and I have started to take Bandit our 2mth old Basenji for long walks at 5am and then again at 5pm. Our Lowchen Alfie has always liked to lead but I'm sure that will change as Bandit gets older.

    Lance travels quite a bit, so it will be interesting next week when I have to take charge of both of them:eek:

    During play Bandit grabs hold of Alfie's long ears or fluffy tail and the only way Alfie can free himself is to do a roll. It is so funny to watch except when Bandit's sharp baby teeth dig in. Alfie is learning a lot of interaction from Bandit having been on his own since 4 mths old.

    In such a short time, they have become good friends. When I pick Bandit up for a kiss and cuddle he looks below for Alfie and visa versa.

    When Lance is away on business, at night while sitting in the recliner watching TV, I have Bandit curled up between my legs and Alfie stretched out along my right side. When the phone rings, it's a real struggle to get up…LOL
    Take care Angee

  • My husband is in the Navy and is gone a lot. My fur babies really keep me company and I think they look forward to when he is gone so they can reclaim 3/4 of my bed! 😃

    I miss my husband when he is gone but the kids really keep me company. Takes care of the lonliness doesn't it?


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