• Hi everyone. Thank you for your kind messages. I just wanted to update everyone; as of Saturday, September 12, Mowgli went to live with Rebecca and Keith of America's Basenji Rescue in Indianapolis, IN.

    They are so loving to all their animals and do a good job finding them loving homes. Mowgli was taken out of a very scary, very detrimental environment and now will be in a loving rescue until he'll find his forever home.

  • Thank you for the update so very happy Mowgli is in a safe and good place. Wish things had been better for the three of you but life is not what we always want. You did the right thing thank you.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Good to hear that Mowgli is OK and that your life is back to normal again.

  • Good news, thanks for the update. Lets hope he finds a great forever home soon.

  • Good job pulling him from a very bad place, and fostering him till he could find a better arrangement! Now, back to normal!

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