• First, thank you to all who mentioned tea tree oil application to stop Kipawa from licking his incision site. It is working like a charm, but no wonder. That is really potent smelling stuff!

    Kipawa loved having the cone off of his head yesterday. We had numerous B-500s around the yard, to the point where he exhausted himself. I checked his incision to make sure everything was okay, and it is. It is all healed. Dissolving stitches (when they can be used) are really the cat's meow …. err.... basenji's baroo. 🙂

    Today I have a doctor appointment and Kipawa is coming with me. This doctor is an animal lover (has 3 dogs), and if I see her without bringing Kipawa, she always asks "you didn't bring Kipawa"? There is a lovely walk along the seashore near her office, so we will go there and breathe in a little late summer salty air. I can almost smell it now.

    Oh, one other thing... since his neutering a week ago, Kipawa seems to be remembering about squatting to pee, especially in our backyard. And he's also doing it now when we walk, though not as often as he does it in the backyard. From 6 months to his neutering, he was an 'always leg lift boy'. What's this all about?

  • Trog squats 90% of the time too:) So glad all is well.

  • Kananga always squats, and the last dog I had (BC) also did the same.

    I suppose it's a personality thing.

    Glad to hear the tea tree oil worked out well. It worked like a charm with Kananga too. He never had a cone and I stuck with just applying the tea tree oil around the incision site, and he never once tried to lick at that area.

  • My boy is over a year and a half and he still squats. Which is really funny, cause when we are at the dog park he is all manly and lifts his leg!

  • I get a mix of squat vs leg lift, he may be doing it now because lifting is a bit tender yet. I have intact boys that squat and lift and neutered boys that do both as well. It seems to be a trait of each dog. I also had Luci who lifted her leg well into old age until she was too wobbly to continue lifting. Then there is Jordan Reed's girl Dot that balances on her front feet and lifts both rear feet completely off the ground, we keep begging him to video it. She walks while peeing like so many b's but in a full on hand stand, it's the silliest thing I've ever seen.

  • I have 2 intact boys that vary between squatting and lifting their legs. Brando would only squat when he had his broken leg and people I work with made fun of him. Whatever - personally I don't care how they pee as long as it isn't in the house. Anyway, after he got his cast off he is probably 80% leg lift/20% squat. Ozzy always looks like he is going to fall over when he lifts his leg. Did I tell you the first time I saw Ozzy lift his leg was in my house - my reaction was - oh look, Ozzy is finally lifting his leg - oh crap, it was on my kitchen chair. 😉

    Lifting the leg isn't all it is cracked up to be! 😉

  • Querk (13 and neutered) only lifts his leg when he is sending a message, and always has…Hippo (3 and intact) lifts is leg at least a little every time....but he always seems to have message to send 🙂 Like Therese said, it is a very individual thing...glad he is doing well 🙂

  • Some take longer to "lift" then others.

  • Mine squat in their back yard, but lift high at the light post on the street corner! It is 'situational'!

  • By the way, glad Kipawa is doing so well!

  • So pleased he is doing well. He may just feel a little uncomfortable lifting his leg so the squatting may be temporary.

  • Spencer started squatting after he was neutured and never went back. The only place he will lift a leg is when we walk past a stop sign. I figure that's his peemail site and he's leaving his regards to the other dogs. 🙂

    Glad to hear Kipawa has recovered!

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