Baby Gecko

I have to watch Medjai a lot now, as I think he's going to eat the baby gecko in my room before I free it.

There's a baby gecko that's been living in my bedroom at least the last 3 days, and as I have to scare it out from behind the bookshelf to catch it, the gecko runs by Medjai's bed to get further away from me. Today Medjai went to his bed and started sniffing around the path of the lizard. He didn't know it was there before, but he sure does now. I hope I can get a hold of it before he can.

Me TOO!!!!

I hope so too. Mine usually steer clear of reptiles but Rally's dam excavated under the AC unit of her owner's home trying to get at lizards.

Mine loves to chase the lizards in the bushes. We ran into a small snake the other day on a walkway. He did stay back from that one. I hope you can free the little guy/girl.


How funny. Otis haven't tried getting to the lizards..yet..and we have lots around the exterior of the house ..and 1 in a terrarium in my daughter'ss room.
AS a side note however, he loves/fears the crickets we feed her lizard. When they jump, he jumps on all four feet at the same time, usually jumping backwards, it looks absolutely hilarious..

How funny Basenjimamma, I would love to see that!


I will see if I can get it on video, if I do, I will post it…yes it is hilarious..


I will see if I can get it on video, if I do, I will post it…yes it is hilarious..

I'd love to see that too. Sounds really funny.

I caught it first. I was even able to take a picture too.



Good for the Gecko. Here in Texas we say it brings good luck to have geckos in our homes. So good luck is coming your way.

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