My babies first words!!!!!!

I'm so excited zoe finally yodeled for me. Thanks for all the advice!! Usually hubby gets home from work first so he lets her out of her crate but today it was me so I took your advice and tried to egg her on I swear I kept it up 5 minutes but she did it YAY! At first I didnt recognize it because it sounds slightly different from my other B who had a definite BBBBarooo hers was more aaarooo. Listen to me the doting mom.:rolleyes: Thanks everyone.

Yay Zoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! :D:D:D

Congrats!! The first words are always extra special! 😃

Yeah! I love puppy yodels. Nemo doesn't yodel unfortunately unless you really egg him on and then it is more of a howl. Zoni yodels all the time now. We can even make her yodel by picking up Nemo. She gets frustrated because she can't get to him. Very funny.

Awwwww… that is so sweet, I still remember Bella's first words...:o

Kudos on your chatty b.

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