Baby teeth!

I just felt like sharing
Bindi is about 4 months old now and she just lost two baby teeth :3
I know they end up eating them but has anyone found one and kept it? :x
if I can I want to try hehe


that is just too cute. I think u should keep it.

Awwww what a sweet mom đŸ™‚

I vote you keep it too. I've never kept any teeth-but then again, I feel them all too often sometimes!

I have kept one from every pup I have had… LOL.....

I've managed to keep 2 puppy teeth. They wern't easy to get. One I found on the floor and the other I got while brushing his teeth. đŸ™‚

make that three teeth! I better find some before she losses them all! lol


Keep the teeth…

ha ha, i thought the teething was over…Cairo became such a good puppy!

he is teething the big teeth now and the chewing is starting again!!

I never found one tooth from Caesar and I havent seen any from Cairo....but he does chew on rocks in the yard....crazy!

Before I owned Mica, I owned two Alaskan Malamutes and managed to find three of their baby teeth, total, and subsequently had a necklace made of them.

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