• I come home for lunch to take them for a walk, and I am greeted by this. Chance leads the way into the disaster. I have my suspicions about who started it.

  • They both seem to be denying any knowledge about who did it! In fact, they look like they are trying really hard to ignore the evidence that ANYTHING happened. Like…maybe you left all the tissue strewn around. It looks like the guilty party had a lot of fun doing it!


  • I just came out of a meeting and found out about this. Alex left it for me to clean up!!!!! This is what I am about to go home to gggrrrrrrr

  • soooooooooo funny!

  • This was by far the biggest basenji created disaster I ever walked into. They got both of the rolls carefully stacked on top of the toilet.

  • I'd say the top of the toilet probably isn't the best place for additional rolls of TP. unless of course, you prefer TP confetti decor…. LOL... pretty!

  • LMAO. That is hilarious!

  • At least you can sweep up this mess…if the white fluff were the inside of the sofa (been there, done that) it would be much 'harder' to clean up! I love the way Chance is sitting in the last photo, my Eddie sits like that on the arm of the sofa!


  • I "vote" for the Tri… gggg..... and yes, you let yourselves in for it by putting the TP on top of the potty.... no way would that be "safe"....gggg... or so you found out..... Been there, done that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it was always the Tri in my house that did it!!!!

    Mickii would sit there a yodel her head off trying to talk me into believing it was one or the others.... NOT

  • I "vote" for the tri too. My Daisy girl (a tri) has a liking for TP and when on the few occasions it was strewn all over the place, she'll lay stretched out like Kiya in the pic under the coffee table. Looking a wee bit tired from all the fun that day. 😉 I try and keep doors closed that I don't want the dogs snooping in - not successful all the time.

    I have cleaned up many messes between Duke & Daisy - no time is a good time for clean up duty! :mad:

    This is Daisy as a puppy caught in action when she discovered the joy of TP:

  • Well, I'm sure the toilet paper attacked first.

  • Haha, that's too funny!

  • Geez, you should have put some kind of warning on this. 🙂 I was on the phone at work when I saw the pictures.

    I think they're both trying very hard to look innocent. 🆒

  • I am very sure that this was neighbours cat…. neverever a sweet B would do things like these...

    Trust them....


  • Oh noooo! Don't you love how they just pretend that they didn't know anything about it. Kaycee has done this a few times when i haven't put the tp away. I learnt really really quick to put it right up high.

  • Too funny – EL D doesn't do toilet paper but he's murder on napkins and paper towels - they're stored in a lower cabinet - yeah yeah I know - and once in awhile the door is open "too long".
    The world would be a boring place if it weren't for basenjis !

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