Moving- Need help finding new vet

I am moving in a month and will need to find a new vet. Any suggestions on finding a good vet? I don't know anyone in the area with dogs to ask where they go, so what kind of questions can I ask if I call around to different vets? Any suggestions would help because I really want to find a good vet that I will be happy with! Thanks!!

EDIT: to answer a question- I am moving to Mayfield Hts, Ohio (about 20 minutes northeast of Cleveland)

Share with us what part of the country you are moving to, maybe others are in the area and will know a good vet for you.

I would have a good vet visit before the move and stock up on anything you need, then when you are in your new home, visit dog parks or dog specialty stores and talk to people about their vets. You are bound to find others who are very particular about their dogs care!

If you can't find a vet that knows about basenjis, you will have to shop around for vets that are open minded and willing to listen to you. There is a lot of good information out there about basenjis and their health issues, so it is easy to print it and bring it with you. And of course, your dog will either like the vet or not, I never use a vet my dog doesn't like!

You may have to settle for a good or just "OK" vet, depending on where you are moving to. I would check out emergency facilities too, mine never get injured between 8-6, M-F, rather always on Sunday afternoons!

Good luck with your move!

Anne in Tampa

If Diego has any major stuff he needs like a neuter, get as many details as possible about that. For instance, the place we used for Riley's rabies shot will likely not be the place we use for his neuter b/c of their normally required over night stay with no one at the clinic. If you don't for now see any predictable needs outside of vaccinations, heartworm scrip, and I'm sure there's more, ask questions about those things. It's probably a good idea to ask about the vets philosophy regarding frequency of vaccinations. If you're interested in doing titers testing find out if they offer them and how much. If you're not interested in giving certain vaccinations you want to make sure the vet respects that decision.

I think a lot of people including myself have had experiences that directly illustrate the extent to which some veterinary offices really have a business mindset and try to push things that aren't necessary. That happened to us when we had to take Zip in to another vet b/c there was no vet at our usual clinic. The grand total was almost $500 for diarrhea, straining to poo and some blood dripping out. Our other vet wasn't inexpensive by any means but he wouldn't have tried to rip us off either.

I don't know how exactly you'd get a feel for that. Our last vet in CA was wonderful. I had him recommended to me at a dog park. We lucked out b/c he was familiar with basenjis. I asked around for a couple weeks before deciding and wrote out a list of places. Regarding vet clinics that are part of the chain, I think it was tanza that mentioned in another post that if you are able to find a great vet that you really connect with, that is most important. I would just talk to dog owners, honestly.
Good luck!

Check out the BCOA website and see if there are any local breeders in your new area. If there are, call/email them and find out if they have any vet recommendations. And even if there is a breeder that isn't exactly in the same city where you live, they may have pet people in your area that they could put you in touch with and they might have some recommendations.

Thanks for the advice everyone! I will ask around once we move and see what we find!

My B.'s usually have a distaste for, or an adverse reaction to new water. Please carry water from home on your move.

As for advice on a new vet, it would help if you'd post the general area you're moving to. You may not get advice on the greatest 'senji vet (opinions vary), but you'll certainly get specific opinion on the ones to avoid.

Good luck and let us know how the move goes for you and the kids.

re: water - VERY common to have dogs get the runs from water changes - I always carry a good supply of my home water with me or buy bottled water - in a pinch you could add a lemon wedge to water as that is supposed to help (or make your dog think they are at a fine restaurant).

Lots of Basenji members in Ohio - I wonder if contacting Dr. Tracy would be of assistance - she may know who of her collegues in Ohio might know basenjis. - Let me knoe if you don't have her contact information.

thanks for the advice on water, never thought of that before..

dmcarty- I think I have contacted Dr. Tracy in the past about something else, but I didnt save her contact info- I did seach her name on google and found an email address for her, so I'll try that.. thanks for suggesting her, maybe she can help!

Once you do get a list of vet hospitals go and visit them and ask questions. In my experience the good ones will let you see their examining rooms, boarding area, etc., and are quite willing to answer questions (including prices).

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