• **BRAT has slipped to 5th. place in the Animal Rescue Site $100,000 challenge. Please take a moment each day and place your vote for BRAT in Garland, TX.. Your vote will make a difference in so many lives, both two and four legged.


    Thank you….:D**

  • You can also sign up for a daily reminder to vote.
    Yes, with the new Fl b's coming into rescue, BRAT could use all the help
    we can get re funds.
    Srjeeper, thanks so much for posting this.

  • **Still stuck in 5th. place 😕….PLEASE.... make it a point to vote everyday.....it only takes 1 minute to do, but it can change an entire life time. 😃

    A big Basenji Thank you.. :p


  • The shelter challenge link didn't work for me on the home page today. Here's the link to vote (I think):


  • Now we are down to 6th place..no $$ for us, Darn it!

  • What state do we enter? And under name, do we enter BRAT or Basenji rescue?

  • Sorry everyone, I finally tried Texas, and voila!

  • **We're now 7th. :eek: overall but still first in the state of Texas.

    We can do this….PLEASE VOTE EVERYDAY and remind your friends to do the same. BRAT has some rather large rescues coming in and every penny helps. :o

    BRAT thanks you, our beloved B's thank you, I thank you.....:D


  • Yeah, we have about 50 BRAT dogs here to place, so every vote counts!

  • Houston

    Bump, bump, bumpity bump..
    Come on peeps we can do this..I just voted.

  • I voted, too.

    Found a Facebook group for Basenji's…will post for them to vote if someone else hasn't already.

  • I have been at Crufts for several days and so my resolution to vote every day ahs slipped but I'm back on track now and just going now to vote!

  • I vote every day but don't see any progress 😕.

  • **BRAT seems to be holding at 7th….we 'Basenjiaholics' can do better.

    Don't get discouraged if we're not moving up, your votes are making a difference as we are not loosing spots either. :rolleyes:

    Please keep voteing every single day.....bug your friends :p(I do):o and know that your effort does make a difference. :D**

  • I'm keeping up with my daily vote again now. I wonder how many of us on the forum vote? All I hope!!

  • I vote, sad to see us slip to 7th, but we can do it!

  • **Just wanted to take this oportunity to 'Bump this to the top' and wish everyone a "Joy filled Easter"…

    Please remember our beloved B's and continue to vote daily.....Thanks all.. 🙂

  • We've just slipped to 8th. :eek:

    PLEASE VOTE….PLEASE VOTE DAILY....We can do this.....;)

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