This Person needs help

Nancy is not a Basenji breeder. Nor does she show Basenjis. She is just an older lady that needs our help. Please read this story. If you want to help the information is in the body of the letter we received.
Rebecca Sloan
Americas Basenji Rescue
From: Larkin Vonalt

Thank you for posting this. This seems like a valid donation solicitation, here is the original news story:

In future (per forum rules) please private message us about any money donation solicitations related posts for approval before posting. There are many donation scams on the internet and we want to protect our community from those as much as we can.

Forum rules:

Thank you,

Sorry I didn't ask first. I wasn't sure of what to do. I checked it out before posting. From now on I will ask. Please excuse they lack of communication on my part.

Yes, this bit of news has been all over the other B-lists.. it is totally legit

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