Virgina/DC/Maryland Foster Needed Immediately - Please Help!

  • @Patty:

    Jason, I just sent you a PM…. and on a happy note, CONGRATULATIONS on your little baby! Boy or Girl? 🙂

    It's a boy. We call him "Ren". His name is Russell Edward Newton. 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    First, Congrats to you Jason and your wife as you begin your life with Ren. So, I am reading along, and it stops after your comment on Tucker from BRAT. What has happened to Tucker? I just hope the best for you and him so he stays with such a concerned owner. You are doing the best you can from what you have said. Waiting for an update….!

  • I have some things in the works. I'll keep you posted.

  • Tucker has been in his new home for nearly a month now. He was adjusted from day one. He is very happy and is getting along with his new poppa, the housekeeper and all three other Basenji's. It's almost like he's a new dog. I'm very sad that I had to part with him but I am very happy that he is happy. I can only conclude that the lifestyle that my wife and I led along with the ever changing variables and instability made him the dog he was when he was with us. Tucker was not a dog to wag his tail…he did sometimes, but very seldom and it was a half effort at bestr - but I always thought it was because it was broken off by some _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in his past. He licked my hands, but never my face. He does both of those things in his new NC mountain home.

    His new daddy has 20 years of Basenji experience and is very loving and attentive to his dogs as he also now is with Tucker. He works from home so he has plenty of time to spend with the dogs and plenty of time for walks every 3 or 4 hours in the mountains (he takes the dogs out a LOT!).

    It's no wonder why Tucker is so happy in his new home.

    Just wanted to fill you all in since the transfer was a raging success.

  • Happy to hear the news! Some dogs just do not get along in some households. I took in an older puppy that did not work out in his previous home. He was not adjusting well to my home either and after several months went to another home and it worked out great. My home was just too busy with the other dogs. I believe he was getting overstimulated at my home and needed a more quiet home where he could get more one on one individual time.


  • Great to hear

  • Very happy to hear this. I have been following your Tucker situation since before I joined the forum. And I totally agree not all homes are right for all dogs, no matter how good the home and people sometimes it just doesn't fit. Glad you found the right place for Tucker. 🙂

  • Love ins't always enough to fix a bad situation. I too have followed your love for and trials with Tucker, and though you miss him, it must be wonderful to know he is happy now. I'm sure he loved you too, but the situation was just not good for him. Congratulations, and thanks for the update. Enjoy that new baby!

  • Just as an example of the situation Tucker was living in… The unstable woman that lives with us (and has for over 2 years now) got drunk (again) last night - REALLY drunk. Was stuffing kibble through the screen door of our other dogs crate last night. After I caught her, I told her to stop it and that she knows she's not supposed to do that. I left the room and watched from afar as she struggled to get back on her feet and paused to pee on our kitchen floor while she was squatting to get up. She failed to stand, so she then CRAWLED to her room and spent (no joke) 45 minutes trying to climb off the floor and into her bed. My wife moved the baby camera out of the baby's room and into this woman's room to keep an eye on her. I watched her crawl halfway onto the bed and then slide back to the floor at least 4 times before I got bored and stopped watching. The entire time she was shouting "God! I haven't done anything to deserve to go to HELL!" She never made it into bed and my wife came home an hour or so after that and finally managed to get her into bed.

    All I can say is that I'm very excited we'll be moving out of this situation in about 6 months. I just hope the baby doesn't absorb any of this crap behavior. Fortunately, we're on one side of the kitchen and she's on the other so she really never crosses the kitchen into our part of the house...

    It's difficult to explain the entire situation, so I won't bother to do so here. There are just too many variables to put it together into an intelligible story.

  • Hi Jason

    I was around way back when you first got Tucker. I'm so very happy to hear that you are all going to better environments. And congrats on your new baby!! I've since had 3 myself ;O) Good luck to you!

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