• One of my friends lost their Basenji Mix after a car accident, and sent me this flyer. They didn't even know it was a basenji mix until they emailed me. All that they knew was that they had a dog that they couldn't "chase", has no undercoat, and is an escaper. 😞

    The dog is skittish. People have spotted it though, and there is still hope. If any of you could help them find their dog, it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Ben Newton/Vegas

    P.S. I have already posted this to "Brat Chat".

  • Oh, you are a good friend. I do hope their little girl Daisy is found and back home soon. She looks like a Basenji mix to me - so cute and sweet. Wishing you all the best of luck in getting her back. Please let us know - fingers crossed.

  • I feel so sorry for them. They sent me this in an email, and I sent them a response asking them if they were sure of the parentage. They told me that they had rescued the dog from a life of being on a chain neglected in a backyard, and the owners had told them it was pit/lab. So I started asking them questions like: Does it have an undercoat? Does it sleep in bed? Does it counter-surf? Does it bark? Can she stand her ears up?…Wrinkly forehead when she does?

    Every answer was a basenji answer.

    The only "good" to come of this, if there is a silver lining, is that they are applying to join basenji companions, and basenji rescue. Basenji Rescue really needs more help in Texas which is where they are from. They also are happy that they can find another dog with the same characteristics as their "Daisy".

    I can't imagine life without basenjis(as I sit at the kitchen table with a dainty black/white Katy on my lap).


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