Need Help Finding Book/Booklet...

  • I'm trying to locate a book/booklet that is out of print and, sadly, the author has passed. I'm looking for:

    By Mary Lou Mary Lou Kenworthy

    Thank you @Zande for reminding me of the title! Very much appreciated. I've googled the heck out of it and while my google fu is generally pretty good... I'm comin' up empty. Zip, zero, zilch... nuthin'. Couldn't find it on AKC or BCOA either.

    If anyone knows where I might find a copy, or if you have a copy, you're willing to let go of please let me know. Or, if you have a copy you might be willing to loan out for a short time, please let me know that too. I really want to read this. It's my understanding that Mary Lou was a pretty well recognized Basenji breeder back in the day...

  • I couldn't find too much about it either. This seems to me it's because it was self-published. I'd also be interested in a copy if anyone knows how to contact Mary Lou Kenworthy.

  • @scagnetti - As JengosMonkey indicated, Mary Lou passed on about 10yrs ago or so. JengosMonkey, you might try asking on FB or try eBay, lots of things "pop up" there.

  • @Tanza Yup. Checked eBay, Amazon, and Googled it all kinds of ways. Nuthin’. I’m thinking I’ll contact a person or committee chair at BCOA and see if they can help. I’m a FB Luddite, so can’t do that. It might take me forever, but I will find a copy dagnabbit!


  • @jengosmonkey - I will ask on FB if anyone has the book and if they want to sell it and let you know. OK for me to pass on your email if I find one?

  • @tanza YES, PLEASE DO! I've also reached out to people at Basenji Club of America and the AKC. Hopefully I'll hear something back.

  • @jengosmonkey - I sent a message to FB and will let you know if I get any response.

  • @jengosmonkey - And I doubt that you will hear anything from AKC... to be honest...

  • @tanza, I did connect with a Breeder who is the Health and Research Chairperson for BCOA. She emailed me back and said she knew Mary Lou. She invited me to call her. Today she was in the middle of letting some of her litter go and had appointments. She's been a breeder for 50 years! Hopefully she can give me a bread crumb to follow.

    I emailed the Secretary at AKC. We'll see. Funny thing is that AKC lists the booklet as recommended reading for breeders, and they have the booklet listed in their online library database. I pointed that out and gave links to the Secretary. I'll let you know if she responds. Thanks for getting the word out.

  • Worth mentioning: The book you are referencing was self-published in 1998 according to the citation on

    "Kenworthy, Mary Lou, 1998. Understanding the Practical Application of Genetics, published by author."

    Given those details, self-published in 1998, I doubt it would be available in a bound paperback form. I recommend inquiring about a possible PDF file or perhaps a page from an early website of hers.

  • @elbrant - I would doubt that her website, if she had one (which knowing her she did not) would have one or would it still be activate... since she passed many years ago.

  • AKC got back to me! Within 24 hours too. I had sent an email to the Secretary, and she referred my request to their Archivist. She looked into the library and said their copy had been "deaccessioned". I had to look that word up. See! I can admit I don't know everything. She's going to look some more and said she'd get back to me if she finds anything. Still, thrilled they responded!

    I couldn't find a web site belonging to Mary Lou either. Haven't been able to find a scanned PDF or anything else yet either. @tanza, thanks for posting on FB and for the info on the other two books that were recommended. Much appreciated!

    The primary reason I'm after Mary Lou's book is that I recall @Zande mentioning that it had a good section in it that talked about colors. And went on to detail what a breeder would get breeding R/W to Tri, Tri to Brindle, B/W, to R/W and so on. It's more to satisfy my curiosity than anything else. Elspet Ford got into it a little bit in her book The Complete Basenji, which I have.

    I'll keep looking. If I find it... I wonder what the copy right laws are on reproducing it? Not for profit or sale, but for prosperity. Don't know.

  • @jengosmonkey
    Lol! I had to look it up too - “ officially remove (an item) from the listed holdings of a library, museum, or art gallery, typically in order to sell it to raise funds.”

  • @jengosmonkey - I am pretty certain that Mary Lou did not have a website... all this was many, many years ago...

  • @tanza Mary Lou didn't have a website and yes, the book was self-published.

    @JENGOSMonkey She was indeed a breeder of repute and extremely knowledgeable. She was a great loss to the Breed when she passed on. I do have a copy - one of the first off the press in fact - but it is chained to my bookcase (along with the Tain and other books I cherish).

    btw We had no power for about 5 days and then no broadband. I HOPE we are back to normal now

  • @Zande I knew you had a copy, but if you had offered to loan it, I would've politely declined. I know your books are special to you. I have a few book friends. I'd never forgive myself if something happened to it during transport. Besides... it appears you have THE last copy in existence! Protect it. Maybe if I ever make it to the UK I can pop by and visit it! 😁 👍

  • @jengosmonkey you would be more than welcome ! Only condition is all visitors have to like, or at least tolerate, Basenjis

  • @zande That might rule me out then. I'm a rabid passionate unapologetic Basenji lover. I wish I could keep ALL the Basenjis. That includes yours. 😆

  • @jengosmonkey au contraire ! I was being facetious or even sarcastic. Visitors have to be basenjiphiles - which you undoubtedly are. You meet the requirement.

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