Basenji's on Wine Labels- Need your help

  • So I went to the Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club party today… and there were several bottles of wine that had Basenji's on them that were auctioned off... I, unfortunately, did not win them. :eek: (wow, the bidding went fast and high!)

    I found one of the vineyards - Pearmund - they feature a whimsical red and white boy named Redmund.

    I was looking for the other vineyard - one of the bottles had a close up sketch of half of a basenji's face on it. I have searched the internet high and low and cannot find them (because I failed to write down the name or even look closely enough at the bottles figuring I would just win them in the auction). If anyone knows of vineyards or wine labels that have Basenji's on the label… it would be great to post on here!!

  • The only thing I remember is that there was a sketch of half of a Basenji's face - so it looks like a close up. Hubby thinks that it was a California winery and that at least one of the wines was a cabernet. I know, not a lot of help… UGH!!

  • I've read about Redmund the Virginia Winery Dog. They put his paw print on the lable. 🙂
    Read the blog I found on him. The winery is B Crazy!

  • Yep, he's very cute! But does anyone know about any other vineyards that use Basenji's on their labels? It's driving me nuts that I can't find it!

  • i'm looking too 🙂 Your right…it's hard to find...hopefully someone knows 🙂

  • I just sent Pearmund Winery an email to see if I can have them ship me some bottles here in CA–not sure if that's going to be possible--but I just love the labels. There's a red and a white wine.

  • It looks like they carry it in the Harris Teeter in this area, I am going to head there after work tomorrow and try to find it. It would be great to give that as a Christmas gift to our neighbors who love wine and watch Chase and Zahra for us!

  • After reading their website I want to go their on a wine tasting tour with the dogs this coming summer!

  • The wine labels were for Sid and Sue Sher (of Va)… and their Basenjis, Kugawa Basenjis. The winery is Pearmund, Chris and LIsa Pearmund and as I understand the winery was voted Virginia's most popular. Sid and Sue used to live here in California and are great friends of many of us here in No. Cal... they moved to Va about 10yrs ago (I think) when Sid was transferred. Both are now retired.. still breeding and showing their Basenjis... A local artist, Linda Hendrickson painted a puppy that Sid and Sue placed with Chris and Lisa... and the Pearmund's decided to make a wine in his honor... and use the painting for the label...

  • Yes, I know about Pearmund- but there were three other bottles of wine that were auctioned together. These were different labels… Sid & Sue got the ones from Pearmund; they emailed me last night. So we're all still looking!! 🙂 They thought Laura Gilcrest brought the wine this year...?

  • BDawg…I'll do some search and send an email to a friend who is a wine "expert" and see if he knows. If you find out the names of the wines, will you post them here as I'd like to get some as well. thx!

  • Yes!! As soon as anyone finds out the name of the wine or the vineyard, post for all to see! 😃 That would be such a good Christmas present!!

  • Okay, Harris Teeter here did not carry the Basenji label the Redmund's Reserve. 😞 Darn Harris Teeter, I am calling the winery and just ordering it from them. BDawg, they should not be that far from you are they? I know you are looking for a different label too though, right?

  • Bdawg-have you tried emailing LeeBeth or Iris?? They would probably know where they wine came from. They had the same bottles at the Fun Match in June too! Unfortunately I didn't get to win them either 😞

    Send me a PM if you don't have their email addresses.

  • I would definitely call any of the distributors before you go to the actual store… It will save you a trip if they don't carry that particular bottle.

    I am still working on getting information about the other wine. Liz is the one with the info... Hopefully I'll get an email tonight... 🙂

  • Bdawg,

    I got the single bottle of wine. The three pack went too high for me. The label says Happy Hound Cabernet Sauvignon California 2004. All the back label says is a fine wine from Sonoma California and then the warning. There is no winery listed. I searched all over the internet when I got home hoping to score some more of this but have had no luck.

    The other winery - Pearmund is a very nice place to visit, and buy some wine, of course 🙂

  • Oh, I forgot, the single bottle I got had the same kind of label as the three pack so I'm assuming it's from the same winery. I have a lot of wine in my basement and all of them have the winery name on them. Strange that this one doesn't. Unless Happy Hound is the name of the winery…...

  • You can make your own custom wine label… Then you can put your B's pics on it... You can save money by buying any wine (even 1) then sticking your own custom wine label on it...

    Here's one place to get instructions (in there, scroll down to "wine labels") on how to create your own wine label… For the paper, you'll need a full-sheet sticker paper (that's compatible with your printer i.e. deskjet, inkjet, etc)... You can get it at an office supply store (Office Depot, Staples, etc)...

    It's pretty easy and a fun project --> with your B helping you out! 😃

  • That makes sense. There's a little camera logo in the lower right corner of the label.

  • Good idea - make your own labels. That way, you can pick your favorite wine and serve your guests. It'll show them your B(s) have good taste and class. 😉

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