Lure Coursing- Winter Challenge between Atlanta and Chattanooga- Need More Basenji's

  • Is anyone entering the GANG trial at the end of January?

  • Hi Lisa, yes, I am going and I know another that is going, which makes 2 Opens. It's possible there may be more as I'm trying to ask around to people I know. The 2 Opens I mentioned, we are only going to be there (as it stands right now) on Saturday and Sunday, not Friday.

    Are you thinking about coming? How many B's do you have that would compete, and in what category? The way I see it, the more, the merrier.

    This is Gunner's first AKC event, so we actually have to do a test course first when I get there with another B. Shouldn't be a problem since Gunner is certified ASFA at the same location.

  • @YodelDogs:

    I am very happy that Dolce got a qualifying first and BOB! Thumbs up to Gunner too for picking up some points towards his title, too. 🙂

    My van is drivable now…..barely.....but hopefully I can make it to the next event. I still want to see if Seeley will run.

    Natalie and I will be at the AKC event later this month, but I think we'll only be there on Saturday and Sunday (in Calhoun again). We think there will be more B's, and would love to see you and Seeley out there. Gunner has to get tested, as he's only ASFA certified so far. It also appears that there maybe 2 or 3 others. Keeping fingers crossed! But, if you should need a ride, maybe we can figure something out, because we'd enjoy having you there!

  • We will not be at that one as I don't trust the winter drive in January. That mountain can be scary. Could you post the winners for me for the weekend? Trying to do one final update on YTD stats for the Modern Basenji, which has to be in on 1 Feb and I know the AKC will not get the results posted for two weeks. I have two open and two Fch. Would like to come down in March or April if events do not conflict with dog shows. We did not course too much this year as I was trying to finish the puppies in the ring first. Xander ended up the year as the #13 AKC basenji down from 3 last year.

  • It depends on the weather. My area had great weather this past week-unusually warm but it is drastically changing tomorrow-winter is arriving!


  • First Basenji's

    Hi, we live in Knoxville and are interested in getting our newly adopted 2 year old into Lure coursing…wondering if you know if anyone in my area does lure coursing or if Chattanooga would be the closest place?

  • Kristin, thanks for responding! Actually there is some lure coursing in your area. Actually the club is in Kentucky, but this club often courses in Knoxville. Here is some info for you below. I'm actually looking to come up there sometime this year as well when they do. But since it's a relatively short drive, we'd love to see you down here. The lure coursing around here is mostly in Calhoun, Ga and Cartersville, Ga., though there are other locations south and northeast of Atlanta as well. But these first 2 are closer for you (probably about 2 hours or a little more). There are some folks in Knoxville with Whippets that come down all the time.

    Anyway, here is the info for your immediate area.

    Bluegrass Coursing Club, BGCC (Region 6)
    Jan Swayze-Curry
    Columbia, KY

  • First Basenji's

    Thank you for the info Mike!!! Hoping this will be a way for her to have fun and keep in top shape!
    I will keep the GA courses in mind as well for weekend trips!!!

  • Kristin, glad to hear about your interest. Looking forward to meeting you and your B. As Mike said, we have coursers who come here from Knoxville and we plan to come to Knoxville for coursing sometime. Watch the AKC, GANGcoursing and ASFA sites. They are all .org sites. There you see the calendars of events. Please introduce yourself when you make it down here.

  • First Basenji's

    Thanks Natalie!!! she has never coursed before but she is super fast!!! so hopefully we can plan to come down sometime and I will watch for you guys to be up in our area too!

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