• For the last few days, some Bananaquit birds have been getting bold and sneaking through our open kitchen door to eat our bananas. We covered them up, then eventually finished them, so today one bird decided to venture further into the apartment to see what else he could find.

    I was in my office, Paco sleeping on the floor in the next room, and the thing flew right on front of me and hit against the window screen a couple of times trying to get out. Then it flew into the bedroom and did the same thing. I called Paco's name to wake him up and see what his reaction would be, but he couldn't see the bird and he just stared at me like, "What?!?! I was napping!"

    I walked over and picked him up so he could see the bird, which was now perched on the screen. He hardly flinched. He calmly watched the bird leave the screen and fly back out through the kitchen door, then laid down on the bed where I had put him down, and resumed his nap.

    Not all dog breeds meet the standard! Heh!

    (Next Wednesday for Cinco de Mayo a local pet shop is doing a puppy social and "Chihuahua Races." Can't wait to see what those pictures look like!)

  • LOL….......... Sonny's afraid of cats :p... go figure.. he'll stand up to any dog no matter how big but he hids between my legs when he sees a cat while we're on a walk 😃

  • Buddy has zero interest in eating bananas but a Bananquit Bird he would chase and eat. Buddy chases flies around the house. Loves to chase cats too, they run off and he's standing there with tail wagging "hey, where you going"? My neighbors cat used to sleep peacefully in my front yard until Mr. Stealth mode arrived on the scene.

  • Sometimes nothing gets in the way of a good sleep 😉
    Looking foward to seeing pics of the next Puppy social.
    Malaika likes to chase bumble bees, i just hope she never catches one !
    Strangely she screamed when she saw a wasp.

  • Well, all it takes is one bite from a wasp, and an animal learns pretty fast. Maybe there hasn't been a bee bite yet? Our cats learned about bees and wasps very early on, but flies are another thing. In our house we call the flies "free snacks".

  • If it runs or otherwise tries to escape, AJ will try to chase it. He has not, to date, brought any gifties for me to inspect and appreciate. Thankfully.

    He does not chase cats unless they run from him.

    However, my cat Sumi would swat an ACD I used to have on the nose and run a few steps just for fun to see if he'd chase her…ACD usually ignored her, or just gave her a dirty look like, "What the....? I was just minding my own business here!" Sometimes, though, the games were on. B-500 is fun when you're talking about a 7-pound cat leading a 75-pound Cattle Dog with tail intact and whisking everything off every horizontal surface.

  • Fran, Malaika has never been stung by a wasp, i wondered if it was an instinct thing that she knew that they're dangerous ??
    She does scream quite a lot, our two cats were fighting, no where near here but she still screamed.

  • My Basenjis catch and kill wasps and have never got stung in doing so - their snap and release is too quick for them to get stung. However one did get stung on his foot when he trod on a dying bee.

    Often Basenjis get frightened of a particular thing when they sense their owner's fear. Are you afraid of wasps, Shelley?

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