Need help yodeling!!!!

The first time he yodeled I gave him a new bone and it was a bitter sweet moment we’re we were laughing and crying at the same time because he’s growing up!

He also yodeled for the breeder and wagged his tail more for her than I... they have a wonderful bond!

@brindledogs But please !!!! who is is breeder and what is his registered name so I can include such an adorable person as Nimbus in the database -

Take a look, it is possible that his parents are already there with photos !

I guess that those having a Basenji in an apartment or living in busy neighbourhoods might have problems with next-door neighbours. That yodelling of a Basenji can become quite a nuisance to your neighbours if you don't train him not to use it whenever it likes. Is basenji non-yodelling inherited from parents or a behaviour training matter? Some dogs can be trained to control their barking. Is it the same with basenji yodelling?

Yodelling usually isn't a problem. Howling can be, as can screaming! Basenjis are quiet dogs, but if they are upset they can certainly make a lot of noise, and sometimes people don't even realize it is a dog doing all that screaming! But a content Basenji is generally pretty quiet.

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@eaglet A yodelling Basenji is a joy, not a nuisance - and the number of times, the duration of each, in a day is likely to be so minimal, I wouldn't worry. I get yodels first thing in the morning and when I am preparing food - that is when the 'great conversations' take place.

The thing which REALLY hurts the neighbours, even in a tiny rural village like this, is the Basenji habit of imitating a timber wolf at two in the morning when he (or she) wants sex !!!

When we had the 8-pack, the three boys were isolated in a kennel (actually a garden shed with lights, heat, bed boxes and a dog-door into the orchard) at the bottom of the garden while the 5 ladies were in season.

I installed a nursery alarm system so I could share the village's pain.

You would be incredibly lucky to have a Basenji yodel often enough to become a nuisance.

@brindledogs said in Need help yodeling!!!!:

He also yodeled for the breeder and wagged his tail more for her than I... they have a wonderful bond!

For sure that is a wonderful sign!

Zande's database is awesome and it would be awesome if you added his information.

@zande the breeder in Enfield nh Debbie

I'm sorry, I can't workfrom this, brindledogs, I need Nimbus' full registered name, parents and date of birth. Go to the pedigree website and you will find my email address and can email me privately so we can include him


He will yodel if he wants, I would say do not encourage him.

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