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I have contacted the breeder, and there is no history in his bloodline of this disease ever manifesting. We adopted him from the breeder at 8-months: his previous owners had a child with autism who was terrified of him, so he was “returned,” and we aren’t sure what trauma (if any) he endured prior. The breeder was transparent that for the few weeks he was home with his parents, he would fight daily with his father for the “alpha” position.

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Our 9yo boy has been diagnosed with Hip Myoplasia. It’s not progressing as quickly as it could; however, it has gotten worse over the past 6mos: he is knuckling on his rear paws, kneeling on his hind legs when standing still, and cries when having to navigate stairs. Our vet recommended we try a round of antibiotics, a trial of Gabapentin in the evening, and daily glucosamine - no avail. We even got a new puppy, because another vet in the practice suggested that the “play” could help stimulate brain activity - still nothing. His appearance is starting to reflect the condition: he looks dull. We live in a 115yo Victorian, so stairs are inevitable, unless we contain him to the 1st floor (this could cause a whole other set of issues, since he is used to sleeping with and retreating to our daughter’s bedroom). Any thoughts, suggestions, or any recommendations would be appreciated.

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Blaze, my 10-mos old boy, is my first Basenji and he does not like to be alone without access to the surroundings of our home:

We have an awesome Mud Room, which we coverted into his own space versus crate training, and that is where we would have him stay when we went to work. It took him one day to figure-out how to open the 'pocket-door' and roam the house.

He was fine to raom the house, without access to bedrooms and bathroom, for a few weeks; but, then he started to chew small holes in our couch [brand-new mind you], and our pillows, and destroy magazines, and mail, and my Husband's golf-visor.

So we tried crate training! We bought an awesome steel crate, with plety of room for him to stand-up and stretch; and thought we had successfully acclimated him to his new living-area while we were gone. Today was his first-day being alone for more than a few hours: he escapted his crate!

Remember old-school cartoons when animated inmates would leverage their brute-strength and stretch-apart the cell-bars to walk-out of the jail: this is what Blaze managed to do!!! He snapped the welded cross-bars, and somehow separated the vertical bars enough to walk-out of the crate. I am both impressed and horrified, and amazed that he was totally unharmed - not even a scratch.

He didn't destroy the house; as a matter of fact, he was lying on the kitchen-floor, chewing on his Nylabone when I walked-in. My fear is that he will move away from chewing on the items listed above, and will move on to electrical cords/wires and harm himself.

But when we separate him from our living-space, he goes frantic,

Ok folks, now what?

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