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From what I have read, two of the most common major hereditary diseases affecting the basenji include progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and Fanconi syndrome. Another minor hereditary disease is persistent pupillary membranes (PPM). A lot of basenji breeders selling puppies seem to have one thing in common. One of the mother or father of the litter is tested as 'carrier' to PRA or Fanconi, while the other is tested as 'clear'. All of these breeders say that they consider a 'carrier' result on only one of the parents as a 'clear' result when it comes to breeding. Why is this very common and should one be concerned when one of the parents of the litter has been tested as 'carrier'? Does this affect the price of the Basenji puppy?
Also, I have come across 'Minor Iris to Iris' when tested for PPM. How serious is this issue?
I feel that when looking to purchase a Basenji puppy, it is very important that both parents should be clear of both PRA and Fanconi. Am I right in this assumption or is the fact that one of the parents is a carrier not a matter of concern?
Are there other tests that I should ask for with regards to the parents of the future basenji litter?

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I guess that those having a Basenji in an apartment or living in busy neighbourhoods might have problems with next-door neighbours. That yodelling of a Basenji can become quite a nuisance to your neighbours if you don't train him not to use it whenever it likes. Is basenji non-yodelling inherited from parents or a behaviour training matter? Some dogs can be trained to control their barking. Is it the same with basenji yodelling?

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I do not think that it is a question of a country of just 316 square kilometres in size or a population of less than half a million. This is surely not the case. In Malta, there are several rare dog breeds, such as Otterhounds, Azawakh, Akita, Finnish Spitz, Shiba Inu and many others. Malta is a country where people love dogs and about two-thirds of families own a dog. The question is why is it different with Basenji breeds. And this is not just a case for Malta. Other countries having millions of population do not even know that a Basenji existed in the world, let alone from having Basenji breeders in their countries.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback. During these last couple of days, I learned a lot about the Basenji breed. Still, a long way to go even though so far I have not managed to obtain details of Basenji breeders in Malta. I am sure that there are some people living in Malta who own a Basenji but the number is probably low.
It seems to be a rare breed, and this is not just in Malta. I think that there is a lack of 'correct' and 'reliable' information about Basenjis on the net. For instance, some say they are one of the most intelligent breeds. Many others say that they are listed as the worst when it comes to obedience intelligence. From what I gather, the word intelligence is being widely misused.
It is also recommended that this breed should not be left alone at home alone while the owner is at work. Other say that the basenji is an independent breed and will do well if they are left at home alone, (some say even for a duration of 8 hours) provided they feel comfortable and have all the necessities available.
I think that one of the main problems with people staying away from this breed is the negative characteristics of Basenjis given on various websites (e.g. not obedient, chews and damage everything at home, etc.).
I think that we should focus only on reliable websites from where we get information. Maybe some of you who really know the subject could indicate which sites people, researching this breed, should look at and which are those sites that we should avoid. Otherwise, it is total confusion.

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I am interested in getting a Basenji and would like to visit personally and speak to breeders. Does anyone know, maybe from your contacts, of any Basenji Breeders in Malta Europe? Although one can find any type of dog breed in Malta, I have never come across or know of any Basenji breeders in Malta.

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This is my first post in this forum. I am thinking of getting a Basenji puppy in late 2021. The reason for not getting one now is that I have never had a pet before and I will be a first-time dog owner. Also, at present, my working hours are a bit long and irregular. Next year my working hours will be more flexible (8 hours a day Monday to Friday).
I live in Malta Europe where the climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters (January and February), and hot, sunny summers. We are a family of 5 and live in a large apartment with two well-sized balconies and a private adequate-sized roof.
The most important thing right now is for me to read as much as I can about this dog breed. I have been reading about various dog breeds, but now I have narrowed the list to three, that is, Basenji; Shiba Inu; and Bordoodle (Border Collie & Poodle Mix). Two considered as hard to train dogs and one which is more obedient and easier to train. However, I am more inclined towards the Basenji, despite being known as a stubborn and non-affectionate breed.
Until I make my final decision, I hope that with my research and with your input in this forum, I will have enough material to know whether I am good enough to take care of a Basenji. I am a strong believer that it is not a question as to whether the Basenji is a good breed for a first-time dog owner, but if the owner is committed enough to devote enough time to take care of the Basenji.
So far, I have read enough articles that would put a lot of people away from ever owning a Basenji, because there seem to be more difficult and negative aspects in going for this type of breed, rather than to choose an easier breed and continue with a normal life.

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Have you considered the use of dog anti-chew spray on your furniture or personal belongings? Of course, the spray needs to be all-natural, no chemicals and with no side-effects. Is there anyone who has made use of these type of sprays to protect your furniture from being chewed and damaged by the Basenji? I have read that Trixie Knabber Stop Spray is a good product.

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