My 6 month old Basenji

Nulla just turned 6 months on June 25…she seems like such a puppy still and so little compared to other Basenjis I have seen on this forum. I think she has such a small head!! She is 15 pounds though. What do you all think?


I think this is normal, although I do not have alot of experience. Our boy is 6.5m old and he is about 18lbs at this point. He is still small in comparison to adult dogs. So I wouldn't worry too much, there is also a discussion on height/ weight of pups somewhere on there (I forgot where)

I think she is a cutie!


Looks normal to me. Mirtillo is also 6,5 months and he still has his puppy face. I hope it stays that way 😉

And I think she's a cutie too!

I think I remember reading that pups reach their full height at anywhere between 6 and 8 months. Maybe she'll do more of her growing toward the end. Our (male) pup on the other hand is 6 days short of 6 months and probably pushing about 22 lbs, and now rivaling our adult female in size and speed for sure. So I'm thinking he grew up pretty fast and should plateau soon. Or we'll have a huuge basenji. Nulla's a sweetheart, I love her face 🙂

My little girl, Lexi weighs between 18 and 19lbs (feautured to the right of Miles here). She's seven. She has a smaller body and head too. Some are just "petite". 😉

I have opposite ends of the size spectrum with my kids… Lexi's a tiny girl and Miles is a huge boy (34lbs). 🙂

I don't think you have anything to worry about. She's such a cutie pie!

If you have not done so yet - ask your breeder what he/she thinks. Some lines are slow to mature - some lines have smallish basenjis as normal. In any event many breeders would want to know how their pups are delevoping so contact them as they would have the best and most specific information for your dog.

These are all such lovely dogs!

Very cute pictures! Tosca is petite too. So 6 months on June 25th? That means she was a Christmas puppy, how adorable!

YAY another X-Mas pup, and quite a cutie pie!!!….my Zaire is an X-mas girl as well...though she is about 20 lbs now.

What a beautiful girl! My Lola is about a week shy of 7 months, and it seems like they're about the same size. I think Lola may be a little on the petite side.

Nulla has the cutest face!

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