Good news about my Gypsy!

  • So, Gypsy had her vet appt today to evaluate her condition. {She hasn't had any more dragging episodes for the last three days.}

    I am happy to report that he believes there is some neurological damage affecting her
    right hip/leg, but that her overall health is still good. He likened the damage to that similar
    to what a person may have after a stroke when perhaps a leg may occasionally drag or an arm will be weak.
    He felt along her spine and joints and didn't feel anything unusual, such as an obvious tumor.
    He pulled her leg and did a complete range of motion, and everything seemed fine there and she did not appear to have any pain during that. The weight is being pretty evenly borne on each leg when she stands.

    So, we decided to let things go as they are for the time being. If she had shown any sign of pain during
    the range of motion exam, he would have been more insistent on x-rays but at this point he doesn't feel
    an emergent need for that. He is fairly confident it is simply some nerve damage. We are to watch for
    any hair loss and/or scraping of the leg that drags, etc. but otherwise just continue as we have been.

    I have been using this same vet for many years now and have come to trust his judgment. He's not one
    to recommend or push pricey tests if he feels they are unnecessary, and he's not one to rush to put animals
    down either. He takes a more conservative, common sense approach and has yet to steer me in the wrong direction
    with any of my pets.

    I am much relieved…...for now.

    I know it's a bit morbid, but I had all my kids get together for a picture with Gypsy, "just in case".
    Now I am happy that these not their last pictures with G, but just some pictures of kids and their dogs!
    {Okay, MY dogs hee hee}

  • Awwww, what sweet kids. Oh, and the young people are cute too! 😉

    That's great news about Gypsy. She still looks bright and happy. Glad she'll be with you a while longer.

  • Yay Gypsy!!!! That is GREAT news!! I love the picture…Gypsy is smiling and so happy...lovely brood that you have there 😃 with the kids and dogs.

    p.s. I'm always amazed at how small basenjis are when there are other people and dogs around to see them at scale. 🙂

  • Yay! Great news! Great pics too!

  • Its always good to hear you get to keep the "golden" ones a bit longer.
    Lovely family group you have.

  • I know how much it must mean to you to know that Gypsy is not in pain! It can be hard to tell for sure, they are such loyal companions and sometimes they never let on how hard it is for them.

    Good to know that she's doing well (given the circumstances) and can continue to be with her family being cherished and pampered.

  • Good to know Gypsy's OK. As seniors - either human or canine, those darn old aches and pains here and there can be bothersome as they come and go. Glad your vet's diagnosis was positive. The pictures are wonderful. You do have big crew and Gypsy looks happy to be right in the middle.

  • Great news & such a beautiful family!!! 🙂

  • Yay Gypsy. I am glad to hear the regal old lady is still doing well. TRhank you for sharing the great pictures. I just love those Golden smiles, they brighten up ANY day. 😃

  • Wonderful pictures. What a beautiful family - 2 legged and 4 legged. Gypsy looks like she knows that she is the queen of the group. "oh yeh, it's all about me!"


  • What a great picture and yay for Gypsy and you!

  • Thank you, everyone!

    I have to admit, it was hard to get these smiling photos - the kids were all PEEVED at me for even suggesting that the end may be near for Gypsy and at first were rather glare-y. Then Gypsy started being goofy, rolling over, etc and they were cracking up at their own efforts to get her to sit nicely for the picture so I was able to get smiling faces.

    I know it was just a reprieve from the inevitable, but it sure feels good to have it!

  • Every day is a gift..for all of us.

  • What a good lookin' bunch of kids and dogs Gypsy raised. I'm glad to know she'll be around a little while longer.

  • Great news about Gypsy! 🙂

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