• Abbey's trying to behave better at the dog park although she still has issues with the little dogs; she likes big dogs best except for golden retrievers because it has never occurred to her that she is NOT a big dog.:) Anyway, Tiara is one of her best dog park buddies. Tiara is a 7 year old greyhound who has bone cancer and had one front leg amputated. She is still getting chemotherapy. She comes every day to the park to walk (it is painful to watch) and collect pats and hugs from the humans and smooches from the other dogs. Her dad says they are going to stop the chemo because it has not helped. Yesterday we also met a new guy with the tiniest chihuahua puppy I have ever seen, so little the grass tripped him up. He's 11 weeks old. The man said his neighbor, a SOCIAL WORKER bought the puppy 3 weeks ago and when she realized how much work a new puppy is decided after 2 days she had had enough. So she puts the puppy in his crate and puts him on the front porch in the middle of the night in 20'ish degree weather and left him there. He said when he heard this baby yelping he got out of bed and went next door to get him. He knocked on her door and said I am taking this puppy home with me. So he did.

  • OMG!!! :mad: a SOCIAL WORKER did this awful thing to a PUPPY!!! Some people should be committed I tell you!

  • that is terrible. your friends should have called the police. that has got to be abuse. social worker of all people should know better. i am thinking of a jack johnson song, where'd all the good people go?

  • How sad!! But, how lucky for that pup that you lived next door. Thanks for doing the right thing and taking this little pup in. KUDOS to you!!! How is the little thing doing now? Update please…..

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