Off topic: Muntjac deer supposedly spotted at my local dog park

  • First Basenji's

    We go to this local park all the time. The news report suggested that someone might have released their muntjac deer there and it's been spotted several times over the past couple days:

    But it could be a mistake. "It is possible that a dog was mistaken for the miniature deer," they say.

    It made me think of the way that Basenjis are sometimes compared to small deer or gazelles, especially when they're curled up sitting upright, or when they're running.

    Here's a muntjac:

    Here's Bowpi at the park:

    Okay, maybe not.

    Anyway, we didn't spot the deer today though we went a-lookin'. 😉

  • Wow! That would be so neat if you did see one!!!

    They are almost as cute as Bowpi!!!! Almost!

  • Look at their poses. They are posing the same….too funny. I wonder why he was let loose?

  • Hmmmm, I would think if someone knew enough to say "I saw a muntjac at the local park", they would know enough to know the difference between a dog and a deer.
    Pretty cool!

  • Reminds me of watching my dog in the back yard one time. He was brown/white and had his back turned to the fence. A young doe jumped the fence and started to approach Sam, had his white tail up. She must have thought it was a fawn. Same turned around and it was a race to the fence, the doe won.

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