Does your dog have dementia?

Last two suppoedly sisters, at age 12 Belle, started doing strange things. Sitting and waving a paw ....for 10+ minutes at a time, sitting and staring into space and swallowing as if she was trying to swallow food, bumping into things like a chair or table legs or a wall Vet found nothing, minor cataracts. She started stumbling and fell a few times just walking across,the floor. We made the decision...broken hearted...she and her sister Kelle’ were very small, 14# , Kelle’ is now 13 and is starting to do odd,things also. When going out she will stand in the hinge side to f the slightly open door and must be guided out the open door. We know,she is nearly blind so bumping into thing is logical, she is starting to duck from our reaching out to her as if she had been beaten, any noise has her being startled and ducking. I am afraid she is goinG down,the same road as her sister, but she is,not in pain. So hugs and love are our direction at the moment. Yes i think they do get old age mental problems.

Kelle’ the last basenji, sister to Belle who was put to sleep last year at 13 1/2 years. Definitele CCD, blank stares, head wave ing back and forth , not see us, jumpy and startled to the point she only relaxed in our lap. Fell a few times bumped into wall and doors. She slept her last evening cuddled in bed and seemed to have a good night. When we woke she was having mini seizures, head jerking, just non stop. Vet agreed it was neurologic . tears sobs kisses and takes a powerful love to let them go. So now i have five wooden boxes in my nightstand. Which ever of us that passes first takes all five to the rainbow bridge to wait for the other.

There are, in addition to the excellent behavior one above, devices which may help.

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Why is she blind? If cataracts, those can be fixed. there is also a device for blind dogs to help them not run into things.

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