• To Eli and Me, I am so very sorry for the loss of your stock, sheep and geese.
    I don't think most of us think of how much folks who have these large/different animals bond with them…same as we bond with our dogs...
    It must have been awful for you.

    Morgan something else that should be brought up, altho it does seem like your working on the loose dog issue, is that if your dog does hurt/kill any animals, you will be libal for paying for the damage or replacement of the stock.
    If its a chicken, I don't imagine its too much, but what if your b bites a cow or horse? Hurts its leg. That could be as much as a used kennel run.

    So, maybe you can get on line and find someone who has a used dog run for to buy...something you can put a top on and keep her contained.

    We do so want this getting out to stop so you and your dog aren't at risk..

    Your b is lovely...I can see why you love her so much.

  • Sharron…Thank you...It is surprising the bond/protectiveness you grow to have for these animals, especially the sheep who really have no way to protect themselves. I wouldn't even let my daughter go down to the pasture, she cried enough without seeing the results.

    Morgan...Again I don't want to sound hostile, I just don't want anything to happen to Scarlett. I know that would break your heart.

  • Can you keep your dog in a crate in YOUR bedroom? Or what about using a baby gate or something to keep the dog in your room, if there is not enough room for a crate? That way your you shouldn't have to worry about your mom's allergies…it would only be in YOUR room. Either way, I would do something, your dog may not like it but at least Scarlett will be alive. If she were my dog I would rather have her miserable for a month, then killed or hurt from being let loose.

  • I would also try craigslist.com to try to find someone near you selling a kennel that could go outside. you just type in craigslist.com, go to the state you are in, and select your region. Then just search what you are looking to buy. Its like ebay without the auctions, more like an online garage sale.

  • Eli_and_Me wrote..
    Sharron…Thank you...It is surprising the bond/protectiveness you grow to have for these animals, especially the sheep who really have no way to protect themselves. I wouldn't even let my daughter go down to the pasture, she cried enough without seeing the results.

    I do believe we are caretakers for the animals we love and tend. We are in my belief system required to do the very best for these critters we can.
    The loss of a animal that was tended, fed and cared for is no less than our loss of a beloved house pet.. in my mind.
    Hugs and hugs for this awful thing that happened to your critters.:(
    If it was not domestic dogs, then its is part of natures way, as tough as that is...having dogs who run loose, in packs feral or pets gone bad, just makes it harder for folks like yourself.
    Hugs, hugs, hugs again...

  • we have discussed the issue with his mom and have decided that for the time being that she is going to let us have the dog in the house even with her allergies and she is just going to up her allergy meds per ok by her doc today! YAY 🙂 Our bedroom is way to full of furniture to put a crate and she is too big for a baby gate…she jumps into the bed of the pick up truck unassisted, so we are placeing her crate in the spare room until his mom moves.

    We, meaning myself and my boyfriend, took Scarlett to the trailer today on her harness and lead and let her meet the cows and bulls and new calf and the roosters and hens and chicks. She was with me and I was in full control of her and the situation on my side. We slowly walked around the barnyard and passed the henhouse and where the chickens were walking. She initially seemed like she wanted to chase but after a few firm commands and tugs at the harness and reprimands she stopped. The rooster did approach us and my boyfriend's future step-dad quickly approached to helo mediate if need be. Te rooster became angry and showed his aggression but never actually attacked, but it scared Scarlett good. She quickly realized that the chickens could in fact hurt her if they wanted to. As we approached the cow pasture, we noticed a cow currently calving and we stopped to watch, none of us noticed the bull approaching the fence except Scarlett. I felt her move behind me and noticed him approaching and was immediately on alert. All of the cows and the bull are Brahma's so they all have the huge knots. The bull is relatively young and unless he feels threatened will not usually react, but you can never be sure. Scarlett immediately laid down and she slowly and surely slid herself across the ground to the fence and Nutter Knot (the bull) had bowed his head and was sniffing at her. They eventually sniffed each other and touched noses and he licked her head. ( i wish i has my camera to get pictures of this) Scarlett acknowledged him as the dominant beast in the situation and she didn't get up until he had walked off. I figure that she learned that chickens aren't always nice and fun to chase and that cows and bulls are bigger than her, but i am definitely not letting her loose anytime soon to find out other wise!

  • This is wonderful news..I knew you would find a way to keep her safe..
    What that face on the photo you posted..how could you not??
    Hugs dear.
    Let us know how it goes.
    Chew bones in the crate help a lot!

  • That's great news!

    And here's a timely item from our local news paper today…

    Dog kills 105 chickens...

  • Thank God, we reached a conclusion before she did something like that or worse.

    Thank all you guys for all you help and suggestions, we are still looking into the coyote collar for the pen as well just so that she does get some of the outside run time that she is soooo used to now.

  • It looks like you've already got a lot of great advice! I can confirm that Basenjis will kill prey. A deer got into my dad's orchard years ago, and my first B, Bell, killed it by chasing it down and jumping up and grabbing onto its throat - repeated three times until she did mortal damage. It's in their genes, and there's plenty of ancient Egyptian art showing just that.

    We have a farmer nearby that raises sheep, and feels no remorse in shooting any dog that get's in to chase his sheep around - it's happened several times already. I don't imagine that the farmers in your area are much different - their livestock is their livelihood, so they get a tad defensive!

  • Morgan,

    Congratulations on working out Scarlett's situation! It's great to see someone committed enough to their dog to solve the problem rather than just giving up and taking the easy way out.

  • it definitely took sometime and effort, but i have never heard a more pitiful baroo after her favorite cow(to tease) had to be put down last night after a three day labor and was unable to deliver the calf. We lost both mother and calf and Scarlett laid by MooMoo's head (on lead) the whole time we were trying to help her deliver last night…they were both so pitiful. After burying MooMoo and calf Scarlett laid on the grave for at least 5 minutes before she would not fight with me about leaving.

  • Is there a reason u can't lock her in ur room when ur home and not home ??? I know ur motherinlaw has alleges but if she is confined to that room in the house i can't see it being that much of a problem as long as u vacuum a few times a week . I don't mean to sound mean at all but the reality is What if that was happening to ur dog some other animal was coming on YOUR property and messing with ur dog ??? what if u thought it was going to kill ur dog ?? What would u do ?? i LOVE all animals but if my dogs where out in MY yard and another animal was threating there life i can tell ya right now i wouldnt think twice of trying to shooo it off however if that didnt work and they where still in danger just like a momma with her baby i would do whatever needed to protect my babies .. So my option is either get something that is going to work for ur baby chicken wire over the top maybe ? letting her in the garage maybe ? or room ? or maybe look for a temp. home for her so she doesn't get hurt cuz if she contunies to get out and keep doing that she is most likely going to get hurt or killed again i don't mean to sound mean in this post i am just saying U need to correct the problem cuz u brought her into the situation she is now in …

  • opps my post is alittle late i didnt see page 3 opps Glad u got to take her in and keep her safe !!! :L) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • That's such a neat story about scarlett and the dying cow. Made me cry :o
    It's a great example of why we love these creatures.

  • If I were in this situation, I would do something to my 50' x 50' yard to keep Scarlett in asap. Even if you are able to keep her in the house with you at times you still have to worry about her getting loose from the yard when she is out there. I had never heard of the coyoteroller that lvoss recommended but I have seen people do something similar with pvc pipe or large drainpipe. A hot wire near the top of the fence which delivers a small electric shock works very well also.

  • problem with using a hot wire is that we have already tried that at the base of the pen when she was digging out and that never stopped her…we have also seen her hit the hot wire used in the cow pen at the trailer and that didn't phase her. Each time she has hit the wires nd kept going our first reaction us to check the wires and every time they have indeed been on and "HOT." We are working to secure the base of the pen as well as creating a cover to keep rain and provide shade while allowing a breeze and ventilation for the pen. In the meantime she is either in a borrowed kennel in the yerd directly beside the house that i can see from my room, in the house with me, or in the crate.

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