Tail Chasing

Does anyones elses B chase thier tail? Tiggy has started doing it. And then tonight he was rolling around tugging on it having a wonderful time intertaining himself, then he crashes out. His tail uncurls when he sleeps so I lifted it up and said "Dave look he tugged on it so much Tiggy straightend his tail out" LMAO

Mine would spin around at high speed where his feet would actually leave the ground to chase it. Just one spin. People would be so amused by it. He would only do it at home.

Tayda will chase her tail. She acts as if she's never seen it before and is startled by seeing it attached to her rump! its so funny.

Sometimes our will chase and it is amazing how fast they can go after it. Also, sometimes they will have an itch and corkscrew themselves into the ground gradually to stretch back to it.

Taj (4 years old) is my most energetic tail chaser and Ellie (almost 12) does it from time to time, but I was astounded the other day when I caught Marco Polo (probably 15!) doing a couple rounds! 🙂

Senji's a little too chubby to lick his butt anymore, so when he gets an itch there, it looks like he's chasing his tail.

YES!! C3 does the same thing…I always feel guilty that maybe he's got more energy to burn so he chases his tail. If I'm REALLY feeling guilty I'll take him out for a quick run around the yard or a walk around the block 🙂

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