• My Male B used to have a wonderful full tail and lately it is looking kind of skinny? He is on Thyroid pills(has been for 4 years) and was tested a month agao. He did have major dental surgery-could that be it? He eats well and is a happy dog. Any ideas?

  • When you say thin do you mean the fur is thin? How old is he and what's his current weight?

  • and be bushy-now it looks kind of sad. He will be 10 years old in December and is on a diet-weighs 30 pounds. He has a good kibble plus get vegatables and salmon and tuna juice as a treat. Vet says he is very healthy. We have had weird weather this year and Summer has just arrived. My female B still has her furry pants and they are usually gone in the Summer.

  • Any chance he is pulling hair out of it? I had a girl with quite a bushy tail and in the hot weather I guess she found it itchy and would pull hair out but not actually chew it. She did this more as she got older…..

  • Nope-he hasnt been doing that. His coat is dry in patches but he is shedding right now.Its possible but he doesnt hide things so he would be doing it in front of me.

  • Could just be part of blowing coat…. (shedding)

  • I hope so-looks pretty pitiful

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