• My 24 yr old son came over to work on our pc yesterday and had a taste of basenji stubborness. Zoey loves the computer chair. As soon as you leave that chair she jumps up and curls into a ball. She will allow me a few inches if I really must get back on the pc lol. If i'm there first she will curl up behind me so of course I scoot forward to give her more room. She will lean against hubbys back but she will be on that chair :). Anyway my son went to sit down and had to push zoe off. She went but gave him that look! As soon as he got up to get something she jumped up again. He came back and tried to push her off but she dug in and the more he pushed the more she wouldnt move. He ended up pushing basenji and chair (which is not on wheels) a good 10 ft.
    He tipped the chair till she fell off. Had to carry it back and as soon as he set it down she was trying to jump up again. He picked her up put her on the ground in the living room, then the race was on as they both rushed back to the chair. I was no help because I was laughing too hard. He finally got the chair but she kept putting her front feet on his lap. Got to love a spoiled B.

  • First Basenji's

    LOL! That's great!

    btw, Cody is sleeping behind me as I type this, so I can sympathize!

  • Mine's not so attached to the chair but she loves to sit in my lap when I work at the computer. Loves the little arrow especially when I make it go in circles!

  • That sounds so cute! I have seen 'that look' in my sister's dog and even in my cats. We call it "stink eye".

  • We have 2 computer chairs. As soon as a human gets up, a basenji lands in the chair. Then the human wants to return to the computer, you roll the one with the basenji out of the way and sit in the second chair. When you get up again, the basenji will move into this second chair. Ad infinitum…...

  • Sounds like they like the 'bum warmth' 🙂 left behind by their owner.

  • What a funny story. I can relate.

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