• Hi Y'all. It has been a long while since we have posted here. Our old forum name was BittysDaddy. But that has changed, as you can see. About a month ago Liz, with BRAT, called and asked if we coiuld take a 3 yo red male to foster. She said he had been found walking along the side of a farm road in Kansas, about 35 miles from our home. He had been kept in the county shelter for the required 10 days but since no one had claimed him he was scheduled to be put down. To make a long story, short, we went to get him to foster, temporarily, and when we got him home , simply fell in love with him. He had to have come from a good home, as he is well behaved, totally house broken, and loves to play with the others in our roudy pack. We decided to call him Mr Ba Roo as he sounds off at every chance, and now after just 3 weeks he answers to it like he has been called that all his life. I do have one comment tho, has anyone out there ever seen a B with a totally red head, there is only one 2 inch white 'star' on the back of his neck. Thanks, Mr Ba Roo & Bitty's Dad

  • Hi, nice to meet you and how wonderful that you have decided to keep Mr. Ba Roo. 🙂

    So, no white near Mr. Ba Roo's nose at all? Would love to see a picture of this wonderful sounding young man.

  • Congrats on the new addition!:)

    One of the pups from the one litter that I bred had no white on her face, though she did have white on her chin.

  • Houston

    Welcome, I too, would love to see pictures…

  • Ohhh, Congratulations on your new pal! He is a lucky dog indeed to have found you and Bitty.

  • Thank you for opening your home to a dog in need..I look forward to many more posts from you.

  • You have a very kind heart and bless you for giving this guy a home. Sounds like he has it made now love and a home thank you. Good luck and have lots of fun.

    Rita Jean

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