Buddy the hunter

He caught a big fish!

Oh no it's getting messy now.

Great! Fish guts all over the carpet.

Now he's caught a poor terrified beaver.

I'm not going to show the ending as it's too messy.

All game supplied by Petco:D

He certainly knows how to gut a Fish đŸ˜ƒ

Like the pictures should have let us see the end.

Rita Jean

AJ has a groundhog toy that grunts. Had to sew it up a couple of times, but he still loves that toy. I can always tell when he wants to play: I hear this grunt…grunt-grunt... coming from the bunk area. It's his cue, "Hey, come back here and play with me!"

BTW: Buddy is a handsome boy!


BTW: Buddy is a handsome boy!

Buddy thanks you AJs Human. He's a big super friendly guy and I have never heard him growl once. Got him from So Cal Basenji rescue in May.


We have one of those toys, but it is chicken, not a fish, one of their faovites, no stuffing left in large parts of its body, but it still works like a charm..they love it.
I am glad Buddy is back to jis normal spunky self after his ordeal that other week..
He is looking good..:D

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