• I am still rather shaken by the events of this afternoon. I had spent the majority of the day outside with the Mallard ducklings and weeding in the gardens and such. The seasonal neighbors are up, so my rural neighborhood is actually louder than it typically is. Imagine my surprise when I took a break to bring Stormie out to pee at around 6:00 PM, and as I rounded the corner of the house I saw a black bear walking through my side yard along the canal. OH! I panicked! Stormie's hackles went up immediately, and he doesn't back down from any challenge - he can be a brute and is stubborn as the day is long. I stared at the bear, the bear looked at us, and in the next moment as I bent to pick up Stormie (who was going WILD and whining and grunting!) and get inside, the bear cut through the weeds, across the canal, and into the woods along the river, where I heard from neighbors that he swam across and made his way up the opposite mountain. Storm was going NUTS in my arms wanting to get to this creature, and my heart was pounding! There have been many bear sightings in my area before, but this is a first time for me in broad daylight and with so much commotion going on! I just wish I'd had a camera with me and a better presence of mind! I was more than a little addle-brained!

  • WOW…... I can only image.... glad that everyone is OK

  • OMG! :eek: I'm so glad you got Storm and you're both alright!!!! Only you would be thinking about having your camera with you! It's a good thing you didn't turn that corner a couple seconds later. Looks like you're in need of some of that bear spray I bought for the coyotes!

  • Pat I nearly peed my darn pants! lol!!! I certainly wasn't expecting that visitor this afternoon! I'm still all frazzled from it!

  • Lynn I just emailed you for the bear pepper spray info 🙂 - I think it'd be a good, safe investment!

  • Glad it turned out well for you both.

  • @red:

    Pat I nearly peed my darn pants! lol!!! I certainly wasn't expecting that visitor this afternoon! I'm still all frazzled from it!

    No kidding…. I would be frazzled too... of course Stormie is most likely thinking... "Hey Mom... I would protect you"!!!!!

  • OMG…there would not have been a near peeing, I would have wet myself for sure!!

    How did you ever maintain your composure, and hold on to that squirming, hunt intrigued, vocal dog??

    Glad you're both OK. Does your state trap/relocate wildlife?

  • OMG - quick thinking on your part to get Stormie and run! I'm so glad you're both unharmed. Bear spray - a good thing. Hope you don't need to use it, but good insurance.

  • Wow what a scare! Good thinking to grab Stormie (I know how squirmy they can get - EL D is an armful!).
    I did some work for a bear biologist and he told me that you should not turn and run from a black bear (all bets are off if you're in grizzly country) but to carefully move away talking loudly to the bear so s/he hears you. Unless they are used to coming to your garbage, they don't want to be near you either. So you did the right thing. But still - that was close!

  • Everytime I walk outside I am very wary now. I checked into trap and relocation for the bear, but the PA Game Commision won't do anything unless the bear is doing actual physical damage to your property (ie: house siding being torn off etc.). Apparently nearly scaring the pants off a person doesn't count for much! lol! I also ordered the bear pepper spray - better safe than sorry!
    Oh and Stormie? He still thinks the bear is going to come back so he can have a go at him! lol! He's such a little nutter - but I know he'd do his best to protect his Momma!

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