• I was browsing around on petfinder tonight, and found this cute little basenji in an Davenport, Iowa shelter…


    Does anyone know if BRAT or anyone else is doing anything to get this little guy out of the humane society?

  • What a sweet little baby…

  • What a shame that a baby 5month old is "dumped" at the shelter…. sigh.... yet another pup for a responsible breeder... NOT!!!!!!

  • I posted this info on another list, hopefully there is a saint or a BRAT person able to get her. She looks cute, probably under-exercised and not properly trained, bought because she was "quiet and hypoallergenic" or some such balderdash.

    Anne in Tampa, too far to go get her!

  • I called the Shelter today on her. I have to call back tomorrow. I am hoping I can get the Shelter she is in to work with Brat. If the Shelter will work with Brat, then Miranda and I will be happy to foster her while a home is found. What is interesting is the Vet Miranda used to work for, still does the rabies control for that shelter.

    Jason and Miranda

  • Oh that is so great that you are willing to help out! I considered it as well, as we actually drove from Wisconsin to adopt my basenji, Tosca, from a shelter in Dubuque. However, Davenport is a bit farther, plus at this time my lifestyle isn't exactly ideal for taking home a puppy, especially one that needs consistant training.
    Please let us know tomorrow how things go, thanks for responding!
    It is sad, isn't it, to think of this puppy just being dumped. Its too bad the owners didn't know/care about BRAT in the first place…we are so lucky with this breed to have them as a resource. It makes me feel good to know that even if I had to get rid of Tosca for some reason (Which, of course, will NEVER happen 🙂 ) at least I know she will never end up at a humane society or shelter. Hopefully this little dog will get a second chance at a great life!

  • The face breaks my heart!

  • Jason, all your e-mails are bouncing…
    Sorry to post this to the list..

  • Sharron let me know if you are still having issues. I received the last 3 you sent.


  • I have some bad news. I spoke with the Animal control officer this morning prior to reading your email. The Animal Control Officer claimed they are a low kill shelter, and she works with Rescue but only after they have tried placing a dog and have been unsuccessful. The Officer went on to say that unless the dog exhibits some kind of behavioral problem that they do not turn them over to rescue.

    When I asked about the requirements for me to just adopt this dog directly, I was told this dog is no longer available and the woman accused me of attempting to work around the system. Even after I explained to her that I was sincere about adopting this dog for myself, the Officer refused to share the procedure or qualifications with me in regard to this animal.

    I have to say I am very frustrated by this situation. I feel that this Animal Control Officer is on a power trip and cares more about her personal Ego and preserving her job, than she does the dog. Just because I mentioned Rescue first, I was excluded from being a viable candidate for this Basenji Adoption. One would think, that Animal Control would welcome anyone who had an interest in adopting any dog regardless of their affiliation with a rescue organization.

    I would caution anyone who approaches this Shelter in Davenport Iowa, to be aware of what they might run into if they even mention the word Rescue!

    While I feel that screening for adoption is very important for any dog, based on my experience in this case, I would venture to say, that the attitudes that you can encounter at some shelters are what keep Puppy Mills and irresponsible back yard breeders in business. At this point, I feel Puppy Mills and irresponsible back yard breeders appear to be the path of least resistance.

    So Basenji's keep your chin's up because you need the Force to be with you!


  • Wow. That is so wrong. I'm looking at a pup in another shelter and was just wondering if I should talk to them about BRAT. Now I'm sort of scared to do that. Do a lot of shelters get defensive about rescue organizations?

    WTH? Why work in a shelter if you don't care about what's best for the animals?! :mad:

    Hope something works out for that little guy.

  • There are many shelters like that… one of the ones in my area will not let purebred rescue have any dog... unless you want to pay their full adoption rate.... they will tell you the get "more" money for purebred and that is the reason... The other shelter will contact purebred rescue if they get one....

    Usually the best course of action is to contact BRAT and let them try and get the dog released... as they have the experience in doing this.

  • Otherwise…is there anyone from this board in the area that could "adopt his dog for themselves" then "sell" it to Comic Dom? If he is really intersted in adopting the dog, maybe someone could go in there, pay the adoption fees, etc. Then Comic Dom could reimburse and take the dog? I don't know...just an idea...I would do it myself but its over a 5 hr drive away, so thats a bit far...too bad I am not in Southwest WI 🙂

  • oh, and on a small plus side…the website does say they are a "No-Kill" (not low kill) shelter, so if their site is accurate, this little dog doesn't seem to be in danger of being put down at least. And its sad but since she is a purebred, "rare" dog wouldn't they be less likely to put her down anyway? However, it would be nice to ensure she gets a home with a good owner so she wont' end up in another shelter eventually...so good luck Comic Dom, I hope this can work out!

  • I wonder if this "policy" is coming from someone in power, in the shelter or someone who is just on a power trip?
    If I was close to the shelter, I would make an appt to talk to the director (or whoever is in charge), and take the printouts from BRAT, the forms we use, the policies we have re home visits, and the policies re adoptions and dogs.
    I would go in with a "we are all in this together" and see if there was any "wiggle" room.
    If not, I would also have a handout on the local basenji activities, clubs, and my info to have them contact me if there were any questions they might have re the behaviors of the new b they adopted.
    Really, what can it hurt?
    Maybe they will listen, but they sure aren't listening NOW!…
    Maybe someone on the list knows someone who can get her.
    That sweet girls face...great sigh!

  • @Jylly18:

    oh, and on a small plus side…the website does say they are a "No-Kill" (not low kill) shelter, so if their site is accurate, this little dog doesn't seem to be in danger of being put down at least. And its sad but since she is a purebred, "rare" dog wouldn't they be less likely to put her down anyway? However, it would be nice to ensure she gets a home with a good owner so she wont' end up in another shelter eventually...so good luck Comic Dom, I hope this can work out!

    Jylly, unfortunately they are a low kill shelter.

  • Apparently, the Animal Control officer I spoke to missed this part of their own policies. I found this under their own adoption policy:

    "We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many, many rescues who we at the Humane Society of Scott County, HSSC, have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with in helping fulfill our mission of finding wonderful forever homes for the many adoptable animals that come through our shelter. HSSC has valued our relationship with breed placement and all- breed rescue over the years and we would like to expand this avenue of placement for our animals. However, the number of rescue groups have greatly increased over time and across the country shelters are finding the need to start screening groups before releasing animals to them. HSSC has also found the need to develop breed placement guidelines and is now asking that all rescue groups complete a questionnaire and sign an agreement before we will place animals with them. We hope this will speed the placement process and eliminate any unnecessary confusion. HSSC realizes the sad reality of the pet overpopulation in our country and know that rescues are almost always full and having waiting lists. We work hard to find loving, forever homes to all our adoptable pets and make every attempt to try and adopt our animals out to screened homes before reaching out to rescues. If you are a rescue and wish to establish an ongoing, working relationship to help us with our animals when the need arises, please contact us at adoptapet@hotmail.com and we will send you the necessary forms for you to complete and return. Thank you for helping us find quality homes for some very special animals. We look forward to working with you."

    The problem I see contained in this policy is who decides when that need arises or even exists.

    Apparently the attitude that I encountered today has more to do with the person than the policy I cut and pasted above. I am sure that Brat would be more than willing to complete and return the necessary forms required. What's interesting, is that there was no mention of these forms or this policy during the phone conversation.


  • Jason, did you share this with Liz?
    Many of the BRAT folks are not on this forum, so this is good info that needs to be sent to them directly.

  • Yes I just now sent her a copy. Maybe she can go over this person's head to the executive director of the shelter. Clearly, I believe the person I spoke to is violating their own polices.


  • Its sad this this persons ego is working against the dogs.
    BUT it will be great if BRAT can become the group they call when they do
    have a basenji in need.
    Great job Jason…finding this info..

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