Roo is our 13 week old Basenji puppy. We are interested in introducing him to some agility training as well as continuing to work with him on obedience. Roo already knows how to Sit, Come, and is learning to Stay and lay down. He already is willing to walk up a ramp to get on our porch or down from it when we go in and out of the house. I use one of the ramps I built to load my riding law mower into my trailer when I transport it and it seems to work well for Roo's training purposes.

In one of my earlier posts in this forum, someone suggested I get Roo used to a Wobble board and supplied a link on an easy way to build one. I do want to thank that person again for that post.

Instead of building my own at this time, I was in a fitness store and saw a balance board made by Valeo Fitness gear. I did not comparison shop it, but it was selling for $23 retail so I thought it was reasonable. In fact I will probably share it with Roo.

One of the reason's I decided to buy it was because it is made out of hard plastic, so it put to rest my concerns about Roo chewing on a home made wooble board and getting splinters. The min I put it on the floor, Roo explored the Wobble board all by himself. He really seems to find it interesting and is playing with it even if I am out of the room.

Now I need to read more about what I need to know to help Roo progress.

Any thoughts or ideas will be appreciated.