Rainy Day Issues


Last night when I put the dogs out for their bedtime piddle, I deliberately carried Jayden out onto the grass. He has been lazily peeing on the cement patio in the morning and at night and when it rains….because he doesn't like wet grass. I'd carry him out to the back of the yard and he'd beat me back to the back door. After about 10 tries, I gave in and told him to just pee on the patio and get it over with beause I want to go to bed!! But no, then he wouldn't pee at all. I must be punished! So to get him to pee, I had to bring them both in, wipe their feet and then immediately put Jayden back out. Then he peed on the patio and we went to bed. Who is training who??

Hmmm, I think you answered your own question…:D

We took Jack to Upstate New York with us when he was about 9 months old. My husbands folks had a place on Lake Champlain. We got there and walked down to the lake. As we stood on the boat ramp, Jack was entranced by the waves. Then, all of a sudden, SPLASH! Jack was swimming around. He immediately swam right back to me.

He has never gone in the water willingly again. And, as for rain, he will hold it all day, just so he doesn't have to get wet. He doesn't go in the house or anything. He just doesn't want to go outside.

Sahara hates the rain, she will hold it all day if she has to. But it has been raining all weekend here in NC, so yesterday I had to put her leash on and pull her outside the door. Then she went all b/c it was only drizzle, and she finally peed at the PERFECT SPOT!!!! Later she went outside when she saw DH home from a job and while she was out decided to pee, when I looked out the door she was under an outside plastic table in the yard, she is so darn smart, you gotta love them, haha!!!!!:D 😃

Just remember " rain is sulphuric acid" and act accordingly:D

We're supposed to get some really heavy rain/thunderstorms today here in St. Louis today. Everybody cross your fingers for me!!!

It's funny though, she loves the snow and the mud - hates the rain!

Yes..mine too. Anything but rain, or really wet grass:rolleyes:


Yes..mine too. Anything but rain, or really wet grass:rolleyes:

Unless there is a cat/squirrel or other critters in the yard.. then doesn't matter what the weather is….:p

Your right…squirrel trumps wet grass!!

And bunnies trump squirrels.

The other morning Bitty was going crazy at the front door, she had already been out for her morning stroll so I couldn't figure out what was the problem. But since she has already started my training I put her lead on her and opened the door to take her out. She immediately boltted out the door, had never seen her move that fast, and chased 2 deer off of the front lawn. Thank god I had a good hold of the lead.

Man! mine love to chase deer too…I don't know what they're thinking. What would they do if one turned on them? Run away, of course!!!:D

I took jack out when we were visiting friends, and there was a bunny in their back yard. The bunny saw jack and immediately froze. Jack saw the bunny and froze as well. Then Jack slowly started backing up, away from the bunny. The bunny saw that and thought- oh this dog is a wimp, and hopped a long his merry way. Yeah, my dog is afraid of big bad cottontail!

If it rains all day and they do not go out, we will usually wait fo r alittel break and then jump up and yell, "who wants to go potty!" this gets them so excited they usualyl will go outside before they realize it is wet and then go on to do their business while out. We struggled for a long time before realizeing the excitment was the key.

I've found that Mya is quite possibly the smartest dog I've ever had. Is it possible to toilet train her???? LOL! :rolleyes:

Hey I know what day what you are talking about. It rained all day and into the night. Trixie starting running around the house like a crazy dog, it was about 9:30 PM. I had to go get the umbrella, pick her up and carry her outside. She ran under a tree and did her business! She was so happy after that, she hates the rain!!!!! Guess we picked a bad place to live since in the summer it rains every day!

Jackpot was NOT happy this morning when we took him out and we had blowing snow here in Denver. He kept trying to eat the snow but whent he wind started picking up and blowing the snow around he was trying to run back in the house (wouldn't go potty)…looks like he'll be trying to hold it till the snow stops blowing LOL These little dogs crack me up!

Since being with basenji's I have become amazed at their holding ability. Even with a leash ours won't go. We both get soaked and nothing accomplished. I used tp worry all that holding was unhealthy but it seems to be the basenji way. As soon as the sun arrives they go and go. If we have days of rain they will go under a tree. I keep telling them they will be much more comfortable with a empty bladder. I should have such holding ability Ha Ha. I swear they watch the morning weather report and if there is rain they say we'll maybe go tomorrow.

Kip doesn't mind the rain at all, he loves the snow! too bad I live in england he might not see it again 😞 any way back on topic… Kip doesn't like the bath (well no surprise there I don't know a dog that does like the bath) but he loves going and swimming in the pond at the park and he doesn't seem to mind the rain at all

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