• I'm such a proud "mama"!

    Yesterday I had to take Jazzy in the vet because she had a swollen, "goopy" eye. {Turned out to be a scratched cornea, as I figured}. My regular vet wasn't in, and it was a new-to-our-clinic vet that looked at her.
    She – the vet -- doesn't own a Basenji but is a big fan and thinks she wants to own one some day. She just fell in love with Jazz, and took her around to show her off to people in the back. Jazz let them stain her eye, put meds in, etc. and didn't fight or fuss with them at all.

    Today, I took Keoki in for his first check-up w/our regular vet. The other doc. came in just to see him, and asked where I get such great Basenjis.
    I was happy to share the name Jumoke.
    Our regular vet loved Keoki -- was impressed that he was so calm and cooperative, confident, unafraid, curious, etc, and healthy-- and said, "I didn't think I'd ever want to own a Basenji, but after seeing yours I'd think about it."

    😃 Proud Mommy moments!

  • How cute your basenji's must be! They sound sweet as pie. I'm always so happy when my B is a good boy at the vet I'm sure they have enough cranky, snappy, dog to deal with as is!
    That was a nice story thanks for sharing!

  • Your basenjis sound so sweet! I'm always so happy when my B is a good boy at the vet. I figure they have enough snappy, cranky dogs to deal with!
    Thanks for sharing your story it was a nice read.

  • That is sweet! I love it when they make us proud! And you should definitely be!!

  • Awwww proud mama 😃 you have every reason to hold your head high 😃

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