• Hi all -

    I am laying the groundwork for the puppies (coming home March 10th). One thing on my list includes choosing a veterinarian. I called the place that I had my eye on and was told that "the vet agrees to talk to you for $32." That seems odd to me. Has anyone else had this experience?

    I told them "maybe later" (nicely) and went on to my #2 choice. The receptionist there said, "Sure! We'd be happy to talk to you!" and made an appointment for me for tomorrow.

    On that note, does anyone have vet recommendations for the Houston area?

    Also, any particular questions to ask?

    I have on my list (still incomplete, clearly):

    Experience with basenjis?
    Philosophy on when to neuter/spay (the other vet had a recording that said between 4 to 6 months!)?

    Thanks for any input.


  • I always ask if it would be possible to have a tour of the facility.

    I do believe that some vets charge for an initial meeting…but not all of them do.

  • I would ask any prospective vet if they had experience with basenjis - this is especially important when it comes to the spaying/neutering because they need different protocols regarding anesthesia. If the vet seems concerned and a good "fit" for you, but has no experience, perhaps they would be willing, as mine was, to do some research and be sure they know what to expect and look for with regard to your pups. Our vet had not seen basenjis before, but has since become an expert, just so he could handle mine correctly. Touring the facility is also a good idea, and being sure the vet is open to information coming from other sources, in other words, he should not be rigid in his thinking that he's the only one who can know anything.

  • All sighthounds need different protocols regarding anesthesia, not just Basenjis. So, I would just ask about their protocol regarding sighthounds and anesthesia.

    I would ask what is their recommended Vaccination schedule, what shots to they recommend… Accepted protocol these days is after the 1st year, it is every 3yrs. Most do not give Lepto or Corona. And those shots should be separate from rabies by at least two weeks. Unless you are going to board your dog in a kennel, vaccinations for Kennel Cough is really optional (I don't give it).

    Regarding Spay/Neuter, really you should go with your breeders recommendation. I usually tell people after 6 months, before 8 months. If you have bitches and do not want them to have a season, then I would go with around 7 months. All of my girls came in season the first time at about 8 months, could be earlier/could be later.

    As stated if you feel comfortable with a Vet, even if they don't have Basenji Experience, then no time like the present for them to learn.

  • Our vet is in Conroe, maybe too far for you. But we love him! In fact, he is making a house call tomorrow to update everyone's vaccines and save us trying to haul 9 dogs + puppies to the clinic.

    Oh, and we do vaccinate for Lepto (adult dogs) It is, unfortunately, very common here with all the creeks, streams, lakes and ponds - and wildlife…


  • When I lived in Houston, I had a disagreement with the vet about thyroid testing-having a complete one done. I guess she wanted to do a simple T4 in house. I found it odd because she was a Texas A&M vet graduate and they were/are an OFA certified lab for thyroid tests. She also disagreed with me about rescuing auction dogs. Since I am paying I would like to have services rendered no matter where the dog came from. I think a $32 fee would be worth it for me to talk with a new vet. I have wondered if one could do that. I did have a good experience with the specialists at Gulf Coast in Houston as Dr. Heald took care of two of my dogs-one who had Fanconi.

    Terry, I am considering moving back to Houston later this year and would like to know the name of your vet.


  • You might ask Pippins mom, Petra as she is in the Houston area. maybe start another post asking for Houston vet recommendations?

  • Jennifer, our vet is Dr. Davis at Conroe Veterinary Clinic. We really like him!

    He was out to our house today, did vaccines, blood draws for heartworm tests, and fecals on 8 adult dogs and 1st vaccines on 9 puppies. So much better than trying to haul everyone to the clinic and increase the stress on the dogs and us…


  • Houston

    I take Pearl to VCA animal hospital on Fry RD, Dr Woods. Pearl loves him. Last time we went he wasn't there, but the other vet,young woman, was lovely and very kind to Pearl, and let me gush all about her. He's in the Katy area Heres the # 281 616 7542.

    Good luck with your search

  • I don't think paying that amount is unreasonable to talk to a vet. The vet practice I go to is one of the best in my town and all three vets are usually booked full a couple weeks in advance (though they will always make time for emergencies). If I were to go just to speak to the vet I would expect to be charged something for taking time that she would otherwise be using to treat animals.

    That being said I would check out both vets. It doesn't hurt to shop around.

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