Trip to the vet with a Basenji

  • My B likes people, but today on his 3rd trip to the vet.
    He was 100% a basenji… But when we left I think a few people did smile.
    Max weights 22.01 pounds last trip to the vet he got 4 shots & on this trip he wasn't the brave basenji you hear about.
    Things did end well...

    Any stories about taking your B to the vet I would love to hear about them

  • What did he need 4 shots for?

  • Yearly shots Max will be 3 in January. The last trip was for the bordetella shot.

  • Kaiser thinks he is on his way to the dog park as it is nearly the same route as to the Holistic Vet, so there is excitement and then when we get there he is overwhelmed with the smell of all the raw meat as this is also where I buy his raw from. The girls on reception and counter know him well as we have had many visits re his leaky gut and he might get a treat. As he had his blood titre done there previously and given plenty of treats to distract him he has no problems as every visit ends with a treat, so I know there is only good thoughts for him about going there. Going to our usual vet I was worried about because when still under sedation after his hernia/neuter op he nipped the vet when he did a check up on him but the vet knew it was because Kaiser wriggled and hurt his stitches so was understandable, so going to get the stitches out was a bit of a worry but I came prepared and as one vet nurse held him the other removed his stitches and I shoved treats in his mouth and he was so laid back and the nurses were so quick. He loves going to places and is so inquisitive it seems to override any worry he may have about the vets and must say socialization plays a big part, he's a social butterfly.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • I highly suggest never getting multiple shots at once. I accidentally allowed my vet to give Oakley three or four? shots at once as a young boy
    and he became very sore; couldn't stand or sit..cried in pain and also developed an immunological response that his body is now so sensitive to vaccinations; often has reactions to them. In short, giving multiple vaccinations at one time had a high likelihood of killing the immune system by overloading it. It really is a great idea to do one at a time and do them days to a week's safer for the dog. I only bring it up because it was an awful period of time for me to remember the pain Oakley was in and the negative/lifelong effects because I screwed up.

  • Butu does like the vets - he gets attention and they love him….(my vet has him as her screensaver!) He was described as 'naughty' when he was spayed, but normally he charges in wanting to see all his friends...

  • One of ours is pretty sensitive. She gets a bump where she gets the shots and you can tell she is in pain. We started giving her Benedryl before going and it helps a huge amount.

  • No more shots for my guys. They go in for an annual check up and kennel cough, which can now be done by mouth. Becca was titred last year and Tucker done this time around. I am pretty sure the rabies shot was what caused our Toller to get lymphoma. Tucker also has CUPS,which is an autoimmune disorder so his body is already reacting to itself so it doesn't need overloading from needles.

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