• Hello all! I am in the process of scheduling a vet appointments. If any one lives near Wayland MA, please post your recommendations. Also, i'm open to the knowledge of what to expect, bring, and ask. Thanks!

  • You should ask your breeder for recommendations

  • I live in MA and can help with any questions you have

  • Chealsie, can you suggest a vet near me? Some towns surrounding me are wayland, natick, sudbery, framingham, etc…

  • I don't live near that part of MA but I know of good ones all around the state. Let me look up their distances to Wayland and I'll post back to this thread later

  • I just took a look and believe it or not that's one of few areas I can't find any contacts of my own in. What I find is important is good hours that include some late nights and weekend hours, ask if the practice is familiar with basenjis (and even though it's not a requirement the vet and staff must be open to working with you and learning). If your vet or the staff thinks that basenjis are the same as other dogs then it's a good indication they don't know what they need to. Basenjis being sighthounds have a low fat to muscle ratio therefore special anesthesia needs to be administered; I've also learned the hard way and through advice on a recent thread of mine that basenjis do tend to wake up roughly from anesthesia…this should be noted. You want a vet that will listen to you and heed your advice and knowledge and be willing to do his own research open mindedly. I left a vet practice who was very well familiar with the breed but the hours weren't good and they didn't share my same beliefs in tittering my dog.
    My advice when looking for a vet is to decide what you're looking for in one and what beliefs you share (whether it be shots, raw feeding etc.) and make sure the office and doctors are open to it. I suggest calling around once you find some potential offices online and ask to come in and see the place and speak go the vet...feel comfortable and always do your own research about things and DONT accept what the vet tells you as the best course of action. Eldorado gave you a vaccination schedule of what they suggest giving and think is unnecessary altogether and for the area we live in..don't over vaccinate your dog and don't allow them to give your pup more than one shot at a visit...

    I quickly looked and way land seems to have a good selection of vets,clinics, emergency facilities and home vets..good luck and feel free to post any your are thinking about and I'll try to look them up.

  • Bring your paperwork that the breeder gave you to your first visit because they will want to know some things like birth date, always (in the first year or so when lots of shots are administered) bring the vaccination record book Pam and Sheila gave you and ensure they make a copy of it and not just write it down..you will also want to update your copy as your pup receive shots so like I said..bring it so they can fill it in for you. Any questions you have regarding vaccinations I highly suggest asking your vet but also getting in touch with Pam to ask her opinion, she knows her dogs and her lines and she is better equipped than the vet to give you an honest evaluation on which to give. Also try to follow her guidance on neutering and spaying (if you plan to). I know with Oakley I followed their advice. It might be true or not but in my opinion basenjis tend to mature slower and I find they need more time for the growth plates to close before castrating is a wise choice.

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