• Hi, I'm not very good at searching through the threads so this might have been discussed before but has anyone been to one of those doggy swim days the local pools have?

    I noticed that at the end of the season here in Colorado, a bunch of pools dedicate a day to just dogs and their owners and it looked like fun. Just curious as we've never tried to take ours swimming anywhere before - the lakes and such always seem too cold or dirty and our dog park doesn't have a water feature yet. I'm not too worried about other dogs as ours pretty well just hangs out and plays with us or just watches the other dogs but not sure about swimming itself.

    Anyway, it looked very interesting. This was a link I found for one of the ones in Ft Collins I think that has someone tape the excitement. http://one.revver.com/watch/384802

  • Some shelters will do a doggie swim day to help raise funds for the shelter and/or rescue group. I have not been to one, but there was one in Chattanooga,TN recently. I think it's a great idea to help with funds, and although my Hollie would NEVER get in the water :eek: we would still attend the event!!!

  • That looks like fun! The only way you could get Nexa in the water is if a squirrel went first:D We took her to the ocean this summer and she had a blast, but refused to get wet, covered from head to toe with sand is ok though.

  • My Basenji would never be able to do it. She loves to swim, but isn't that nice with other dogs. My Husky mix would totally love it though. 🙂 We'd have to use a crane to get him back out. I have a "doggy swim day" almost everyday. The shelter I work with built a lake out back, and on the hot days we let all the dogs go play in it.

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