• their Mom told them that they were clean dogs? Zahra seems to just gravitate towards mud. :eek:

  • I haven't seen him go for the mud, but a couple times, he's rolled in some stinky scat! Couldn't see it, but could smell it - so off to the pet salon for the full treatment. (Nails need trimming anyway - they grow so fast!) He was absent when his mother told him about the no/lo odor.

  • My Squiggy was there, took notes, and passed the test. He has taken it to the extreme. He LOVES stuff that smells good. If I spray febreeze or lysol he rolls in it, after I dry off from my shower he will steal my towel and wrap himself up in it. If I put lotion on, he is right there waiting for me to wipe my hand on him. He use to have a, in my opinion, bad habit of jumping into the shower while I would be in there, now he just jumps in as soon as I get out.
    Everyone has heard of the tem metrosexual to refer to men who like to be well groomed, I call squiggy my little petro since he does too.

  • @ChristyRutherford:

    I dry off from my shower he will steal my towel and wrap himself up in it.

    Every morning I have at least one or two of ours waiting for my towel, they roll on it and seem to enjoy themselves.:)

  • She took notes also, she is always cleaning herself. She also likes to try and groom you with licks. She is sooooo sweet, we love her to pieces.

  • Sandie is the mudaholic… if theres mud theres Sandie...

  • Christy, you mean you can actually put lotion on? Abbey tries to lick it off of wherever I put it. She doesn't snitch the towel while I'm in the shower but she carries off one of my slippers, just one, like her private little joke. Then I have to hop all over the house in one slipper trying to find where she hid the other one.

  • Nala stares at the cabinet in the bathroom where the lotion is. She can't wait to get in there and lick the pump! She does the same as Abbey and also rolls in our towels after we shower, etc. So funny that they all do similar things!!

  • I can if I am quick and kinda jumping around the room. I have this conditioner I put on my wet hair in the mornings and Squigs will stick his head in my hair when i have it flipped over like I will accidently forget what my hair feels like, so of course, I have to wipe my hands on him.
    Glad to hear my B is not the only clean freak.

  • when any of us get out of the shower fender is there just waiting…he is a licking machine. it is so funny! i remember being a kid and thinking it was totally a normal occurance for my dog to dry my legs off...went to school talking about it, found out i was weird. lol.

  • if you don't want to get mud on you shoes, just follow where Dayna puts her steps, she is so very careful about it. and it is the same thing about the lotions,soaps, or conditioners. she can't resist the things that smells good. she will throw herself on the floor or bed and do all the weird things. the funniest thing though, she enjoys very much those parfume samples that magazines give. she will try to get the smell on her. however, I think their "good smell" is a little different than ours because Dayna will give the same reaction to other dogs' "remainings" sometimes:eek:

  • My Max boy licks all the lotion off my legs and feet if given half a chance. He also cries and begs to taste my night cream, moisturizer, etc. Maybe it is the smell thing that attracts him to such undoggy things. Blows my mind!


  • take a shower …no need for a towel as Noobie will dry you with licks. I read it's a dominate behavior...mothering her pups? Howdy neighbor Judy!

  • . . . the day their mother told them they were low shedding dogs? Granted, I do not see as much fur around the house as I did with my Chow mix or my Yellow Lab, but gee . . . Duke's white fur was absent. Really - his black fur is no problem. Duke went to groomer yesturday. Groomer showed my husband a huge plume of white fur that she brushed out of Duke. Anyone have an issue like this? Is there a preferred brushing tool that can be used to help with removing loose fur? I have a regular dog brush, but it doesn't extract loose fur very well. The tool I used on my other dogs would be too big and harsh for Dukes little body.

  • I found this neat brush from Wal-Mart that runs by battery, and it is suppose to do the trick. It was once advertised on TV, suppose to remove the dandar and its a snap to clean. Sahara is shedding alot these days, I didn't have a battery so I couldn't try it out. Will let you know tomorrow.

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