Seriously? You're gonna pee on the chair? Seriously?

  • I was sitting in the chair and a half in the living room, had just moved from the couch, and Zahra gets off the couch goes to get a drink and then jumps up onto the back cushion of the seat to sit near me. Sweet of her, fine that is until she started squatting and I realized that she was peeing! :eek:

    The backdoor is right there, she didn't even go to it. Why did she do this???? 😕

    The only thing that I can think of is that Chase took her bone when she got up to get a drink of water, but why pee on me?! Okay, why pee on the back of the chair that I am sitting on? Pee on him! :mad:

    I tossed her promptly outside after screaming "Zahra, NO!" and quickly put the chair cover and the chair cushion cover into the washing machine.

    The little pee machine is currently locked in her cage because I am still a little po'd (pun intended) at her.

    Seriously, what was she thinking?! :mad:

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA…sorry. Guess she was mad that you let Chase take her bone!

    Dakota used to pee on my bed every time I brought out my suitcase to travel. It got to where I would pack a day early so I had time to do the laundry.

  • Cassi used to make a point of peeing on the dining room floor first thing after every visit to the vet.

  • Rocky will make a point of peeing directly in front of me whenever he feels I've been unduly mad at him (as if his majesty never does anything wrong). Argh….

    The only other time we've had issues with him peeing without warning (before the Fanconi flare ups began), was driving in the car. He'd get so nervous about passing motorcylces and big rigs that he'd "mark his territory" in the car. Talk about a pain to clean up. Thank god we got smart and started kenneling him for travel.

  • My Dad always says, "It's better to be PO'd than peed on!" I guess now you can attest to that (lol)!

  • Oh no! Well at least she peed on the chair & not you? Haha.

  • When Shadow didn't want to show-and I mean REALLY didn't want to show-he would make his point by trying to pee on anyone close enough to do so!

  • Rivermoon- Jack did that once when my husband was packing to travel, so now we pack behind closed doors.

  • Well, I can say I've never had a dog do that to me, wow, it is kinda funny though LOL

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